Wicked Wednesday: Pony Play: Funny sex or Hot Sex?

pony play

Many men would be put off their stride, if their partners were laughing during sex. But I’m made of much sterner stuff. In my defence, Houseguest was more giggling than laughing, and I was licking her armpits. She’s a very ticklish woman, and trust me, having a sensitive body has many upsides.

Her giggling did get us talking about how sex can make you laugh and get you off at the same time. I remember having a threesome with a couple in London, where the guy got off on being whipped by his wife’s long pony tail. The sight of her reprimanding him, as she slapped him around, was pretty bizarre. But judging by the hardness of his cock, it totally got him off.

All this talk of silly sex took us back to the most ridiculous sex we have ever had. Last winter, while flicking through a magazine, Houseguest rather casually mentioned how hot an underwear model was. Now that particular magazine advert had been handled by me for the firm I work at, and I’d picked out Calvino myself. He has dark Latin looks;He’s a total ride with a package that will fill out tiny underwear. So being the perfect partner that I am, I organised a play date.

This turned out to be the funniest sex we ever had, but also one of the hottest sexual experiences for Houseguest. We met our model friend, Calvino, at his lovely apartment, typical docklands achitecture, all wall to ceiling windows. He asked us to wait a few moments while he got ready to play, which right away told us he had something special in mind.  So out Calvino came from the bedroom wearing nothing more than a pair of riding boots and riding hat, holding a riding crop and some other horsey bit. In all honesty,he looked amazingly hot: perfect 8 pack, muscular pecs, hot good looks and yes, the most enormous cock. Seems our friend was into ‘pony play’.

Pony play: to dress ones play partner into a pony and treat them as such. Thankfully, it was not me but Houseguest, whom he wanted to transform. After going to all the trouble of arranging this play date, I told Houseguest she had a duty to acquiesce to his sexual kinks.  Admittedly, she was not keen at first. In fact, at first she had thoughts of leaving, but the sight of this mostly naked, hung Adonis was too much temptation for her to resist. So along with it, she went.

Calvino explained that ponies don’t talk, so she must remain silent at all times. There were a few other rules that she had to follow, mostly around obedience and punishment. She was more than happy to play along as long as she got she wanted in the end. That goes for me too, so I took a seat in the large leather armchair and poured myself a whiskey, as I watched the show unfolding before me.

Houseguest was slowly undressed in the centre of the room and a tight leather corset wrapped around her. You know, the type that leaves your breasts exposed. And those breasts were treated to a serious massage and those nipples sucked and nibbled. From my seat, I could see that Houseguest was getting very wet.

Corset in place, Houseguest was positioned onto all fours. First, the ‘pony tail’. He spent a good twenty minutes eating her pussy and ass, getting her wet and turned on before the ‘tail’ butt plug went into her ass. ‘Tail’ butt plug? It’s a butt plug that has a long pony tail attached to it, silly! You can wave your ass about, and it looks like you have a tail. This was followed by black leather hooves on her hands.  Words can’t describe how she looked. I’d promised not to take any pictures, though I wish I had. In between putting these bits and pieces on her, he would rub his huge cock all over her body, and he would caress and lick her body. Finally, it was time for the ‘bit’ to go in her mouth. Calvino teased her lips with his cock. Houseguest really wanted to suck him, but after rubbing his monster all over her lips and her face, he put the ‘bit’ in her mouth instead. It was really quite something watching him spend nearly an hour dressing her up.

Houseguest looked a strange mix between hot and ridiculous. Anyway, a show pony must be shown off, and that she was. She was led around the lounge by the leather ‘bit’, while being on all fours. Every time she did something wrong,her bottom would feel the crop. Her ass was bright red by the time she had been led around the room a few times and her pussy totally drenched. The whole experience, while looking funny from the outside, had totally turned her on. Calvino led her up to me and asked me what I thought? I thought she needed to be rewarded for being such a good pony.

Calvino agreed, and we had the most orgasmic threesome with an underwear model and his ten inch dick! The sex?  It was very hot, but conventional. His kink was the whole pony foreplay. But Houseguest had been so turned on by it all that she just had orgasm after orgasm.

Even today we still laugh and joke about that night. How funny she looked, how wet her pussy was, how much she came, and how unbelievably hot Calvino is. And we always feel good when we talk about his ten inch cock.

Pony play, who would have thought we would ever have gotten into it? Though part of me says , it’s really Calvino we are into. Oh and by the way, Calvino makes a very good show pony himself. Looks like all those summers spent at riding school were not a waste after all; there’s not a horse in Ireland that I can’t ride!

What crazy sex stories do you have?

Have you ever had a sexual experience that was odd, but hot?

18 thoughts on “Wicked Wednesday: Pony Play: Funny sex or Hot Sex?

  1. Would have been more entertaining with Robert playing pony, but hey, I got all the attention and the orgasms for my efforts!

  2. Yay you blogged about something that I didn’t actually have to research to understand fully *happy dance* although I did love you explanation of the pony fetish 🙂
    HG on all fours with a tale….. I can see why you would want pics of that!! Your descriptions of her hotness creates great pictures in our minds.

    So a VERY recent funny story of mine is me and hubs were play fighting and he started talking in his sex voice which is very deep and husky, but usual reserved for graphic descriptions. So there we are play fighting when out of nowhere he breaths into my ear (a fav of mine, very sensitive ears) “I’m bat man” WTF I almost wet my self lol so not so much sexy but very funny

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