Sinful Sunday: Oh, for the love of a dominant woman

A domme woman

So many interesting, sexy women have come in and out of my life, but only one has occupied a place in my heart and mind in the way that Houseguest has. I think about her all day, tweet about her, Facebook about her, go online and look for things to buy for her. When I see a hottie in the street, I wonder what it would be like to see Houseguest have sex with the hottie, or how I can get the hottie join us for a threesome. She is the centre of my world.

It drives me wild, when she wraps her hands around my throat as we fuck, or when she pulls my hair while I eat her pussy. She drives me nuts, because she is a dominant, strong woman. Real men want strong women, not some plastic play-toy of a woman.

And Houseguest is no different. She too fantasizes about strong dominant women. Ever the attentive man that I am, I arranged Friday night’s foursome with that in mind. A Dom and a Domme to play with. Alas, I only got it half right. He was indeed a hot sexy Dom with a BBC. And he certainly knew how to ‘Dom’ us both, but she was just not up to the task.

It seems our Domme was not so ‘Domme’ after all. There’s Houseguest, ready to serve and live out her fantasy; she’s on her back waiting for our playmate to fuck her with her strap-on. But it just didn’t happen. Turns out, that our Domme was not so very ‘Domme’. She was too indecisive about how to approach the situation. She did not have the confidence or strength to take control of Houseguest and fuck her brains out. What’s a girl to do? In HG’s case, take charge, of course.

So, from being a nominal ‘submissive’, Houseguest became the true Domme that she is. The poor girl was flipped onto her back, slapped and told to take what’s coming. She truly disappointed, and Houseguest would make her pay for it. I’ve paid many a time, and I knew the poor girl would have a sore ass tomorrow. It always amazes me how quickly Houseguest can put on a strap-on. I don’t dare bend over in the house, for fear of immediately being bummed by her big plastic porno dick. Occupational hazard, I guess.

So there we are, two guys watching our women fucking. That’s a show I can watch all night. Houseguest makes an excellent Domme, and the demented look on her face ensures that all fall into line and do as told. HG is seriously hot, after all, so it’s hard to refuse her demands. But that leaves us where we began, still looking for a REAL Domme to come play with us. For the record, I need a hot, badass, crazy Domme bitch to come help me live out Houseguest’s fantasy.

So come on Mistress, where are you?

Do you too crave a Dominatrix to join you?
Tired and fed up of fake Doms and Dommes?
Have you ever been faced with a faker?

11 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday: Oh, for the love of a dominant woman

  1. Oh god I could write many many blog entries over those who mail me on Fetlife or through my personal email about male Dominants and a couple female Dommes for that that matter too. Some are “fake” in my eyes, like the idea of being Dominant but have no clue, expect me submit automatically to their feet and then there is those who have read “that bloody series” and think subs are there for a “quick lay”. I have given hints on the blog, but I like my blog to upbeat and not one where I complain loads over some off the idiots out there so I haven’t went into too much detail or as tempted as it has been to name and shame a few of them.

    BDSM and it’s lifestyle has many out there and all who are involved have our own “war stories” we could tell.

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