Show time in the bedroom

Lesbian show

You’d think that having a foursome is all about four people getting together and having wild sex, right? It’s totally true, but there is a time when it becomes just about two. That’s when the women put on a girlie show on for the lads.

There is nothing better than watching two hot women at it. I’ve not met a couple yet, where the guy did not like to watch his partner eat pussy and get fucked with a strap-on. Men just love that!

WomenΒ know this, being the clever things that they are. They love to drive us men crazy by putting on a hot show. And when the men can’t take any more, we dive right into the middle.

But very few women want to see a man on man show, even when the lads are bisexual. Why is that? They just don’t seem to be turned on by the same kind of performance. Why is that?

It can’t be because women are not visual, because that’s just not true. Women are just as visual as men. But maybe women just want to be the centre of attention.

Which would make sense. In MMF threesomes, it is all about the woman. So in a MMFF, it’s about two women.

Do we men mind? No, of course not, because we love hot women! Nothing turns us on more than seeing our women cum, time after time.

Orgasms on our tongues, orgasms as we fuck them. Men like making women come, and we love watching other men and women make our women come.

BBC in Houseguest making her scream and pant? Makes me hard just thinking back to last night.

So come on ladies, put a few more shows on, because it is all about you!

How about you ladies, do you like putting on a sexy show for your man?

Does it turn you on, when your man puts on a show for you?

Does man on man turn you on?

32 thoughts on “Show time in the bedroom

  1. As always your charm, wit and kink come through in this post.
    Yet again you have my mind wondering many different things and that’s always fun.
    But could I ask just 1 thing that I’m sure you’ll laugh at, wtf is BBC?


    1. Oh Lisa. You have not been reading or living enough, if you don’t know these terms. I guess that applies to Paige as well. Get on it, ladies!

      1. You are quite right HG as usual πŸ˜‰ although last night played the “I have never” game and I’m at least ahead of my girlie friends lol they are such prudes with husbands that are worse. I showed them my writing for the 1st time ever and they were shocked! I told them to read Roberts blog then they’d be shocked.

        As always the two of you have educated me once more, but HG you need to get in on the action more, shove Robert aside and take us on more tours of your fabulous mind


  2. Oh Lisa. Most of what goes on in my mind is too demented to put out in public. Robert loves my “dementia”, as he calls it, but he would strive to protect you all from it! I convinced him to write one about a subject dear to my heart (secret for a few days at least), but maybe I should just do it myself!

  3. Firstly to Robert – I always look out for HG’s guest blogs ans as you well know I always read all your blogs :p

    HG, dementia is a wondourus thing πŸ™‚ if a subject is close to your heart then maybe both write it together ooooooo collaboration I like that idea πŸ™‚

    Whatever either of you write about I always love to read it even though at times it’s caused me physical injury πŸ˜‰ hot pans of soup and your blog do not go well together.

    And with that I think I shall go hoe my own little story, have a great day guys

  4. I’m clearly in the minority! I’m a woman and there is nothing hotter in the world than watching 2 men get it on. I actually prefer a woman not be thrown in the mix!

  5. Love to watch man on man…it’s a turn on πŸ˜‰
    MMFF πŸ˜‰
    MMF πŸ˜‰
    FFM πŸ˜‰
    BBC (now that I know what that means!) Yeah sure I’ll have a bit of that too πŸ˜‰
    Putting on a show for your man is a must…drives them wild!

      1. Being as I’m so sweet & innocent, I naturally thought you were talking about a certain tv channel…but your version of BBC is far more appealing πŸ˜‰ lol

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