The allure of a strong woman

Strong women

There is nothing sexier than a strong, independent and educated lady. I’ll take a woman, like Houseguest, any day of the week over a dizzy airhead. However, when I look at my friends, I see that few of them can handle the reality of strong empowered women. A strong woman needs to be handled like a live grenade!

Take Houseguest, not only strong, but also not afraid to voice her cultured opinions. She’s a total breath of fresh air, especially when I think back to the girls who would mindlessly agree with all my hot air, and could not change a light bulb! I need a woman who I can have an intelligent conversation with, and who’s not afraid to put me in my place, when I’m being a total dick.

But being with a strong woman does challenge many of my ideas around how a man treats a lady. I want to stand when she enters a room, I want to pay for dinner and I want to pay for the shopping. In short I want to be, what I consider to be, a gentlemen.

This does cause friction between us, she wants to be strong and independent, and I want to treat her in a way that my parents taught a lady should be treated. Truth be told, I’m bit of an old school chauvinist. Only a few weeks back, I was mortified when I found out that that Houseguest paid for our diner, while was powdering my nose. I was embarrassed.

But try as I may, Houseguest is not one to be told. If she wants to pay for diner, she will pay for diner. And if I insist, she will punish me as only she knows how…..

Yes, I love a strong, opinionated, independent woman, but there are times when a woman needs to know her place.

Are men really attractive to strong women?

Do women like an old school gentleman?

28 thoughts on “The allure of a strong woman

  1. I love an old school gentleman! Only sometimes do I wish to be the strong independant woman. In my opinion there is nothing wrong with a bit of old fashioned chivalry!

  2. Damn straight! So much so, I even married one. I’m very independent, strong-willed and highly opinionated, but also know my husband is a proud man who was brought up to treat women properly. I love that he does all those considerate little things for me – making my morning cup of tea, never letting go of my hand when we take walks, holding doors open, pulling out chairs, paying the bills, basically he does everything to make sure I’m content and well-cared for. He knows I’m more than capable of doing all those things for myself, but I know it makes him feel good when I allow him to do it for me. It’s one of his ways of showing me how much he loves me. In return, there are many things I do for him. Any good relationship worth having involves give and take.

  3. Oh how i do love a gentleman, but it seems Men like you are in the minority I am afraid!

    And good for Houseguest for picking up the check. I have tried for years with my male best friend but he always seems to outsmart me!

  4. All right now, Robert. I’d say it’s red ass time for you! I have to set the record straight. I don’t think it’s necessary to empty your bank account to show me your love. People show each other in many ways. One of the ways I attempt to show you is by not being a leach to suck you dry. Not my style.

    I refer to all the ways PAIGE THOMAS’s husband shows his love. Definitely not centered around getting out the wallet.

    Just love me.

  5. Ok, fine. I accept your proposal, but I’m not marrying Robert. He is a devout twitterist, and it’s against my religion!!

    1. LOL Knew it’d only be a matter of time til I wore you down. No one can resist me for long. We CAN keep the Oz and UK/US authorities in the dark, yes? Cause I never said I was divorcing hubs to do the deed. Though, come to think of it, if Robert steals my hubs with his pee, all old contracts are null and void. You know what I think of pee! And I know, the twitter-twitch is starting to become a terrible habit for me, too. Though I’m not addicted yet, there’s still hope. I’m booked in for rehab as soon as my book goes out, just in case.

      1. I like the sound of this marriage. I’m all for polygamy, and I’m relieved to know you’re headed for rehab. All in all, a good start for our union. Shall we let Robert visit for play dates? He really is a lot of fun, and it’s hard for him to worship me properly from a distance.

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