What is the best kind of sex?

Oral couple

There are people who say that ‘makeup’ sex is the best kind of sex. The fire that you had in the argument is replicated in the sex. I don’t know about you, but I feel really turned on after an argument, aggressive and hyper-sexual.

Often there is no foreplay, just straight to the main course of wild sex, with things crashing about all over the place.

As a rugby player, I’ve also really enjoyed ‘after sports’ sex.  There is this guy, who plays for another team in Dublin. After we play each other on ‘the field’ we always have our own private play date. We fuck each other as hard, as we play against each other on the field. My buddy is gay, so poor Houseguest is allowed to watch but not take part. Which she loves, and he loves. He gets off on her watching her man getting his brains fucked out of him!

Other people say that ‘drunk sex’ is the best. While being tipsy you don’t feel inhibited or shy, which I think we can all vouch for, to some degree. There are even people who will claim that alcohol is an aphrodisiac: I can see how sharing a good bottle of wine and flirting over a drink or two can get the blood pumping, but I think it’s about the whole experience, rather than just the plonk.

All things considered; for me the, best sex, is ‘I missed you’ sex. The kind of hot sex you have when you and your partner have been apart. You look at your lover and you just want to ‘eat’ her right there and then. It’s not about fixing something after an argument, or drunken bravado. No, it’s just about the love and passion you feel for each other. It’s about your pounding heart, and connected minds. It’s just as passionate as ‘makeup’ sex, and when you are really in love, just as uninhibited.

What do you think?

What’s your favourite sex?

49 thoughts on “What is the best kind of sex?

  1. I like “god I have missed you” sex for me is get in the front door, clothes removed and left where they fall, mutual petting and hands totally exploring each other and coming over different places and different pieces of furniture.

    For me, another favourite type of sex is “Spanked hard” sex which always a bit like how you describe “Make up sex” for me.

      1. Details okay

        If I am spanked hard then it makes me very very horny, so when the person spanking me is finished I am normally begging to be fucked HARD & NOW, so I don’t want any foreplay or little touches just straight hard sex where I am getting pounded hard and deep.

        Hope that is enough detail Robert 😉

  2. I think what I like best seems to change. At the moment, I appreciate most the moments when we escape on a break. A trip, short or long. Moments where the real world is kept at bay. I can focus all my thoughts and energy where they should be and revel in the intensity.

  3. Wow, now THAT’S what I’m talking about Robert, all those types of sex are great, but the last one, the one filled with passionate love and nothing else IS the best. It’s the best because its deeper than the physical act, I’m not into tantric bullshit, but the passion comes from the heart and mind and carries through in the physical act of sex, passion and yes, love making.

  4. Squirtastic!!!!!!! My imagination I’d hope is quite advanced and I do LOVE anticipation, but touch, caresses, soft kisses for me are needed to stay within the moment. Plus I’m very impatient and no way could I sit still for that long lol

  5. That’s so right and you a certain kinkyP. And HG always make me think naughty things when you start 😉
    Speaking of suck, I must go write some kink now whilst picking sexy underwear to wear for my non nubu massage 🙂

      1. The kink is not ready to share just yet, but I did just want to thank you for the thought that sprung up in my head during the before mentioned massage “wonder if she’s shaved or bald” thanks ever so much for that Robert. I also learnt that saying “I think I love you” during a massage with a stranger is not the correct response 🙂 who knew

      2. Erm no, happy endings are from a different kind of massage place lol I did get some delicious tingles though when she did the scalp massage and touched my ears though

  6. My current favorite with Robert is vacation sex. I do have another favorite, when other people are involved. I am in LUV with DP, anywhere and everywhere. I am such a greedy girl. Lucky for me, Robert just loves fulfilling all my desires. Of course, these desires just happen to match his own, so everyone is happy in the end!!

    1. That’s a rare thing to find HG, someone with the same desires as you, you lucky pair you xxx
      Bad experience with holiday sex so NOT my fave, it’s hard to come by as a parent so a grown up w/e away and it was a mo holds bared kind of approach, just getting REALLY into it when a drunk SKANK decides to try and get in our room to confront her cheating boyfriend, probably not the best idea that I opened the door, but lets just say she left with a nice red hand print of her very own 😉 but since then there has been no opportunity or desire for holiday sex.

      1. It’s not mine either and believe me when I say she was TOLD I’m sure in the very far future when we get the opportunity again it will be a better adventure 😉

  7. LOL Have you put me on subrestrictions, Robert! My reply button’s disappeared so I can only leave new ones, not comment on old ones. Why am I in trouble now? I wanna speak to HG! Get my superhero out here! So unfair. I was put over your knee, shackled (for quite a few hours, may I add), and I said sorry. *pouts*

  8. I agree with you, the best sex is “I miss you sex” ’cause when you are away from your lover, you remember all those moment that you spent with him/her detail by detail one and over again. And then when you saw him/her, all you want to do is rip his/her clothes off and jump over him/her and eat it. Well happened to me receltly and I just couldn’t resist it. I had the best dirty hard sex ever.

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