Fantasy Friday: A Guest Blog: Yoga Class

Blake was glad this was the last class of the evening.  He was hot and tired but he was never too tired to spot Shelby.  She was a tight little brunette with an ass that he never got tired of looking at.  She was here every Tuesday night and gave each class her all with no complaints.  She always had a smile for him and always said thanks before she left each class.

The room was about 40 degrees Celsius and he watched Shelby complete her downward facing dog.  He had been walking around the room and made sure he was positioned behind her as sheyoga sex 1 raised her tight round ass up to the ceiling and onto her perfect little toes and hold the pose.  She might as well have been naked in the hot room.  Her small white spank shorts were soaked with sweat and almost transparent.  She had a small white tank on that barely covered her round pert breasts that was as well transparent with sweat.  Shelby sank down into her baby pose and looked just like a submissive kneeling and waiting for her orders.  Blake moved away as he could feel himself getting hard.  With his back to the class he finished the poses and cool down period and dismissed the class.  Shelby seemed to take her time packing up her mat and bag.  Blake finished packing his bag and mat and looked up to see Shelby looking at him.  Blake caught her eye and she quietly asked if he would help her with some of the advanced poses she was having a hard time with.  Blake dropped his bag and mat and smiled closing the distance between them.

Blake strode passed her and moved to the door closing and locking it as he turned the closed sign.  He dimmed the lights and moved back into the room standing behind Shelby.  He could feel the heat radiating off of her body as it mingled with his.  The scent of her was exhilarating and he was getting hard just standing behind her.  Shelby felt the heat coming from him and knew he was close yet he made no move to touch her.  She smiled to herself knowing she would need to be the aggressor to get what she was after.  She raised her arms over her head and stretched into a sun worshipping pose rising onto her toes and arching her back knowing if he did not move she was going to stretch into him.  Blake’s hands came to rest on the sides of her breasts as she arched back into his body, she slowed the pose and came down on her feet and turned to face him.  Blake’s hands dropped and he watched as she crossed her arms and removed her tank setting her breasts free.  She dropped the tank on the floor and then slowly slid her shorts over that beautiful ass exposing her smooth bald pussy.  Blake swallowed hard and knew he was not going to leave this room without fucking her hard and long.  Shelby smiled as if reading his thoughts and told him she needed help with her Kapotsana Pose.  She dropped to her knees in front of him and he watched her perfectly perform the pose by stretching her body backwards resting her forearms on each side of her legs and resting the top of her head between her feet.  Her pussy was in full view and her beautiful breasts were stretched tight and her nipples pointing to the ceiling.  Blake slid off his yoga pants and t shirt and kneeled in front of Shelby’s legs and pussy.  He ran his hands lightly over her nether lips and slowly separated them.  She was dewy and her breathing had quickened.  He dipped his head and slowly licked her from her dewy hole to her clit.  Grasping her hips he feasted slowly fucking her with his tongue.  She was ready to shatter within seconds and collapsed as she came.  He followed her onto the mat and with her legs still bent under her entered her balls deep in one hard fast stroke.  He heard the tell tale gasp of breath as he entered her and instantly got harder.  He stopped fully seated in the most warm pleasurable twat he had ever been in and kissed Shelby tenderly.  Shelby was overcome with the emotion of the kiss and the fullness of his thrust and came again moaning into his mouth.  Blake proceeded to pound her hard and fast needing to cum himself.  He had wanted to make this last but he simply needed to fuck her, and possess her.  The sound of their bodies smacking flesh to flesh and the musky smell of sex was his undoing and he came hard and fast emptying himself harshly.  He collapsed on top of her sliding out of her hot wet cunt.  Both fought to catch their breath and it was Shelby’s small kisses all over his face that brought him back to reality.  Blake lifted his head and Shelby took his mouth in a fierce kiss that sent shocks to his toes.  He felt himself getting hard again.  She ended the kiss and slowly pushed him off of her and she stood.  God she was beautiful.  Her body was rosy and glistening with sweat.  Her tight hot pussy was coated in his cum which was now starting to ooze down the inside of her legs.  Shelby reached down and scooped up his cum and rubbed it into her pussy and ass then brought her hand to her mouth and licked it clean.

Shelby continued to play with herself in front of him and then sat again on her mat.  She slowly raised her feet over her head moving into the Halasana pose.  Her feet coming to rest on each side of her head and she balanced on her shoulders.  Her gorgeous ass open, pointed upward just waiting to be fucked.  Blake wasted no time in getting to his feet so he could look his fill at the beauty in front of him.  He then slowly lowered himself to his knees staring into Shelby’s tight puckered asshole.  He lowered his mouth and rimmed her ass causing her to shudder in anticipation.  His hands separated her ass cheeks allowed him to get his tongue in tighter to her hole.  He pushed two of his fingers into her pussy collected as much cum as he could and smeared in around her hole.  Still licking and teasing he pushed a finger knuckle deep and slowly started to fuck her ass loosening her ring.  He then added another finger to her hole and felt her resistance give way.  Shelby had started fingering her own clit and was shaking in anticipation of Blake fucking her ass.  He didn’t make her wait and rose to his feet.  Grasping her waist he pushed and slowly entered her hot musky hole.  She was so tight and hot he almost blew his load as he entered her.  He slowly pulled out and thrust back in fully.  In and out he thrust into her as he watched her finger her own clit.  He was going to blow soon but wanted to wait for her to cum first.  As he thrust into her perfect ass he pushed 2 and then 3 fingers into her cunt as she rubbed her clit and she finally came.  Blake continued to finger fuck her cunt and he thrust hard and came in her ass.  He removed his hand from her cunt and held her waist keeping her from collapsing again.  He slowly removed his cock and stared in awe at Shelby’s gaping hole.  He slowly lowered her legs and rolled her onto her belly and proceeded to lick his own come out of her ass.  After she was cleaned up he rolled her onto her back and Shelby returned the favor by licking his cock clean.

They slowly dressed and left the studio.  Now you know why I love yoga!!!

By Michelle Poirier

So have you ever attempted to seduce a gym instructor?

Whats your tried and tested seduction technique?

13 thoughts on “Fantasy Friday: A Guest Blog: Yoga Class

    1. Never done yoga, so I don’t understand a single word of the pose descriptions. Guess I don’t need to though, because the rest is hot stuff. Would enjoy a class like that.

  1. I adore yogo and it really does help you become more flexible and hold your self in certain positions for longer. That being said, I’ve never had a lesson from a guy before, me thinks this sounds interesting 🙂

  2. I am an aggressive sports kind of person, but Bikram yoga in a hot room wearing very little does have tremendous appeal!! I could totally get into that.

  3. This is so hot I can’t wait for yoga tomorrow. I don’t care who the instructor is I want just a little bit of that. M loved a certain aspect of the story that would make me recognizes it as you anywhere you naughty naughty girl.

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