Sinful sunday: Nuru Massage : Sexy or Not Sexy?

Nuru pic

My poor aching body. After half a season of playing rugby, my body is in dire need of a good rubdown. Now normally, it’s carried out by the club physio and is none too enjoyable, but does the job. However, every few weeks I enjoy a couples massage with Houseguest. It’s such a sensual and relaxing experience.  Being a man, I can’t help but get a little excited, but I keep myself in check, just about.

Of course, when it’s Houseguest massaging me, there is no need to keep anything in check. Alas, over Christmas she has deserted me to visit her family.  What’s a man to do? Houseguest’s suggestion? To go get a Nuru massage. These massages originate from Japan. Basically, it’s a body-to-body massage with both of you naked. That’s my kind of massage. I was a little surprised that Houseguest would be so knowledgeable about such things. She never ceases to astound me with her fabulousness.

Who am I to argue? Plus, it turns out that she has always wanted one. So this would be like recon for her. She assured me that it would be as sensual as the tantric massages we enjoy together. I didn’t need much convincing.

So research done on the web, and I booked an appointment with a charming young lady in the city. Naturally, I was a little nervous, but ‘Grainne’ took control.

“Strip off and lay down on the bed on your front. Put your hands out in front of you and then keep them there”. I do love a dominant woman. I was suitably covered in oily stuff, and she began slipping and sliding all over me.

What does one talk about when one is having a naked masseuse rub herself all over you? We chatted about where she had learned the technique, what she was doing for Christmas, whether she had many female clients. Could she arrange a double massage for Houseguest and me? Seems Grainne is making a killing and is very proud of her skills! Bosh, bosh, my dear!

Grainne really knew her thing, and I have to say it felt really good. Who would not like a busty girl rubbing her jugs all over you? The whole thing was very arousing, that was until…. she changed her position and started massaging me with her pussy. It was scratchy! Grainne had not shaved her pussy very recently! It really put me off. I don’t like that at all.

I really do like a smooth pussy. Even a landing strip is enough to put me off. I know it is terribly porny, but that is what I like. Houseguest is much the same. She simply refuses to eat any pussy that has not been suitably waxed bald.

Anyway, I duly flipped onto my front and the whole thing was repeated. With her scratchy pussy now being all over my chest and abs. But at least I got a good view of the proceedings. That did make it a little more awkward, as we were face to face. Remember, I’m not allowed to move or touch her. Not easy when you have nipples and pussy a mere flick of the tongue away from your lips. Yet with good Irish resolve, I resisted all temptation put before me. And my cock showed its appreciation for all her efforts.

As my hour was coming to an end, I was offered a happy ending, which I gladly accepted. Surprisingly, it was at this stage that the eroticism began to ebb away. The hand job did not feel as sexy as the massage. Don’t get me wrong. She knew what she was doing. But this is one occasion where less really is more. A hand job is a hand job, but a sexy massage is all about subtle sensuality.

I tipped Grainne handsomely and wished her a merry Christmas. Would I go back with Houseguest? No, I don’t think I would. The whole thing, while sexy, is not as interactive or as sensual as I would like. But I did get a container of the oily gel for a little play date of my own. So hurry up Houseguest and come home. Robert needs a rub down!

So what do you think, is less sometimes more?

29 thoughts on “Sinful sunday: Nuru Massage : Sexy or Not Sexy?

  1. When first asked the question of would this be sexy or not I really couldn’t imagine anyone saying no, however after reading further I can see there were many points of view I hadn’t considered. Now I adore going for a professional massage and I have very sensitive skin to the touch so I do have to keep my enjoyment levels in check, this kind of massage I’d imagine would make that even harder to do.
    I’m also VERY body shy so for me I’d need that all important sheet 🙂
    I think this would be something that I’d want to research and maybe do with the hubby as a least that way afterwards I could release my inner porn star 🙂

  2. This would be such an erotic experience between lovers…not so sure I appreciate the point of it between a masseuse & a client….& certainly not one who doesn’t take care of her pussy!!! Leave this type of massage to hg in future…..purlease!!!!!

  3. Oooh, Robert. The word “grope” sounds so crass. My love slave would caress my skin with his, letting our oil-slickened bodies glide against each other in the most beautiful way. No groping involved. SOOOOOON!

  4. Okaaay. This conversation is taking a turn for the better. I say Robert sits on the “kinky one’s” face, feeding her his cock. I’ll distract her from his attempts at choking her with it, as I lap at her juices…
    Sound like a plan?

  5. Argh, won’t let me change ID’s??? Never mind, pretend I’m in ego disguise and you’re lookin’ at my bare arse avi. Sigh. HG, where have you been love? I’ve missed you. If you keep this up, I might even start to consider girls. May I say, Robert has been such a whiney arse in your absence. Can’t wait for you to get home. xxx

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