Confessions of a Gay Rugby Player: The Ice Men of Copenhagen

Ice Men of Copenhagen

This is the second volume of the Confessions of a Gay Rugby Player series.

Follow Conor and Sean as they celebrate winning the Cup, as only they know how. By ploughing the hottest holes in Copenhagen!

Life should be fun, and fun should be everywhere. Erotica Everywhere.

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Excerpt 1.

Now, I’m a liberal. I’ve seen and done many things. I don’t judge, but for Christ sake! There is a toilet in the middle of the room on a raised platform. This loo is not plumbed like a regular loo. Robert's bumNope. Its u-bend is pointing down toward the floor. There is a guy lying under the platform with his head beneath the opening of the drain. You get the picture, right? I won’t go on. To each his own, I guess. I’ve had a few beers and need a piss. A local points me in the direction of the jaxx, and off I go. It’s dark inside the men’s room, but not so dark I can’t see a bathtub in the middle of the room. In this bath tub sits a man, who must be in his sixties. Grey hair, wrinkles, and naturally, dressed head to toe in black leather and surrounded by piss. How very European!

A young man waltzes past me and steps right up to the old fella in the bath. He pulls his own little fella out and proceeds to piss all over Granddad’s face. The wrinkled old man turns toward the man’s cock and opens his mouth. He is drenched in piss, the hot stream shoots into his mouth, splashing over his leathers and further filling up the bath. My jaw drops. The young guy shakes off his cock before popping it back inside his jeans. Then out he goes. I finally lift my jaw off the ground, finish pissing in the urinal, and hurry out to scowls from ‘Granddad’.  Apparently, he wants everyone’s piss, including mine. That is the first and last time I went for a piss in there….. 

Lucky 4 leaf clover

Excerpt 2.

“How does that ass feel?” Sean has the snarl of pure delight on his face.

Silly question to ask! I can tell he loves it.Lucky red pants

“Pretty fucking good. How’s his mouth?”

“Damned good to me.” It’s important to discuss these things, lest there be any disagreement later in the pub over who put in the best performance.  I won’t have him take all the glory. Conor knows how to make “bottoms” come!

Seeing Matt with his eyes closed in pleasure, I think he is pretty happy too.  Sean gives him a very firm slap on the ass. He grins at me, pulls his dick out of Matt’s ass, and moves to the side. Giving him room to maneuver, I make sure to hold Matt as he is, with my cock buried in his throat……

Volume 3 Released March 2013

Confessions Of a gay Rugby Player:  Blood, Sweat and Lust in Dublin

21 thoughts on “Confessions of a Gay Rugby Player: The Ice Men of Copenhagen

  1. Well, well, Robert. You know how to write scorching, full-on sex! Would love to be in the middle of the fun. Great story. Can’t wait for the next installment.

  2. Arghhhhh! So soon you forget… dial-up! I really need to slap you silly. Editing, as in editing words, not film. *Huff* Lucky I’m a fan. For you, I’ll download the next gazillion minutes (which equates to about 1 min in real time play) just to keep you happy.Double huff. Submissive my arse…where’s my whip? Robert needs a lesson.

  3. Waiting…………………waiting…………………….. hurry back, HG. I need some female support here. Waiting,…………………………………………………………….. yes, still waiting. Download…. 0.14secs. Fantastic!!

  4. I’d say Robert has been left in capable hands. No need for me to hurry back. Kinky One has it all under control, all the way from Summer Bay!

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