Wicked Wednesday: Weapon of choice?


So it is christmas, and and it’s the season of giving. So naturally, I’ve being buying presents for the past few weeks. An Italian handbag, sexy heels and even sexier underwear. Delightful things for Houseguest to unwrap on christmas morning.

But what I really want to give the love of my life is an endless stream of orgasms. Sadly, this year we’ll be apart on the big day and pussy certainly don’t eat itself! The thought of her going without a Robert induced orgasm on christmas day is enough to bring tears to my eyes. So what better than to buy her a sexy something to blow her socks off for christmas.

But what?

An anal butt plug? She does like like her butt pleasured. And its a gift we can both enjoy!

Perhaps a glass Dildo? They look great but I’m not sure that they are intense enough.

Love beads? Feel great when you come. But you need to get yourself there first; if you know what I mean?

A massage wand? Well, she has one of these already. She adores it! But she deserves something new.

A clit vibrator? You know. Those really expensive ones that could pass for a paperweight. She does like her clit worshipped!

Decisions, decisions. Lets face it, buy the wrong toy and you’re pretty much telling your partner that you don’t know how his or her body works! I remember one year receiving a Princes wand to stick down my cock! The look on my face said it all. There is no way that sticking a metal bar down my cock is going to get me off! As you imagine, we were not together come valentines day.

So I think I know what I’m going to get, but I’ll keep it secret for now. Houseguest sees all!

What is your weapon of choice to get a intense orgasm and what sex toy mistakes have you made?

27 thoughts on “Wicked Wednesday: Weapon of choice?

  1. Sex toy mistake I made was buying myself double vibrator that was remote activated, It was a good little vibrator but if I spent I bit more I maybe wouldn’t nearly have to sit on the damn remote to get it work hehe.

    As to the weapon choice I still trialing choices out no winner yet.

                    1. hehe if you get lady dragons then tempt them with a stiptease hehe.

                      Okay I just talked myself into coming along to see the Dragons hehe

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