Fantasy Friday : When Barry met Angie

sexy couple in bar

Todays Fantasy Friday blog is brought to you by a very special guest writer, enjoy!

The winter months have settled in nicely to the Irish psyche and the doom and gloom about weather and the financial state of the country is at an all time high.  It’s hard sometimes to remember that life is running away from us, and that no matter how negative all TV, radio, newspaper and the general public get, there is always Ms P and myself and our dirty little games.

A typically wet thursday afternoon  and the daily routine of doing homework with our oldest child and the constant running around after our youngest was catching up on both of us and then it just hit me.. Like a light bulb moment “we need to play” a warm rush suddenly came through my body instantly raising the blood levels in my cock and switching my mind straight to the kinkier side of life.

1st issue the kids, without thinking or even discussing with Ms P I rang her sister, No I don’t play with her!! It was for babysitting duty. She was sold a story about the cinema and all things vanilla and the plan was set in motion.

I quickly ran upstairs and into the arms of the lovely Ms P and told her to get herself ready she has been a very bold little girl and that she was going to pay for it tonight!

A spark of life that has not been there all week came into our relationship we could not keep our hands off each other and we had 2 hours until the babysitter arrived.

While Ms P spent some getting ready I prepared my bag of kink and handed Ms P her plastic pussy balls to insert inside her to get the juices flowing. I love the noise they make as she moves around the room, I’m really horny at this stage and my mind is flooded with filthy thoughts.

When the babysitter arrived we were out the door like Usain Bolt out of the traps at the Olympics. On the way to the hotel we decided that on arrival I would go up to the room and set the scene while Ms P went to the bar for a drink, I would come down and we would pretend we don’t know each other coming up with 2 new personas. It took me 5 minutes to lay out our clothes and toys and head for the bar.

“1 large scotch for me please barman” I said and “could you do me a favor please” “of course I will sir” he replied, could you bring that lovely lady over there the drink of her choice please” and he surely did.

On receiving her drink a large grin came over her face and I could see her saying something to the barman.

“Sir she has requested your company” I quickly picked up my scotch and headed straight over.

The conversation was superb, where Barry the musician met Angie the physiologist. We spoke to each other like the way we did when we 1st met with innuendos a plenty and looks of desire and lust in each other’s eyes.

We spoke about Angie submitting to me and we drew up a mock contract signed by both parties and it was up to the room we went.

A quick change of clothes and we were right into the scene as I grabbed Angie by the hair and got her down on her knees, she looked so hot in her leather corset and hot pants with thigh high boots! Her flowing auburn hair in the grips of my fingers she sucked on my throbbing cock like a teenager. As it tickled the back of her throat and taking it out to gasp for breath she was driving me crazy with her enthusiasm. Not to let her get carried away I stopped her in her tracks and made her stand up and put her hands behind her back, I took out 1 of my 10 meter lengths of hemp rope and did a basic cuff knot around her wrists and tied her to the partition that was dividing the wardrobe and TV counter, then forcing her face down and bent over the bed she was to be spanked like a bold little girl.

Easing her into it I cupped my right hand and gave her some stinging slaps before I took my 1st improvised spanking tool out which was a autograph cricket bat this she absolutely loved it was a real hit (no pun intended) her pale skin quickly turning pink after some rhythmical spanking.

I took a break to rub her ass and kiss it gently, her moans getting louder I just wanted to fuck her so badly but I was having so much fun looking at how helpless she was it was not time to rush into it.

It was now time to give her a little treat as she had taken her 1st session of spanking so admirably I let suck on my cock, I know I’m such a thoughtful Dom!! Hehe.. She gratefully accepted my cock in her mouth and thanked me profusely for the opportunity.

Again not letting her get too carried away with herself it was time to get back to business and the devise of choice was now the bull whip, flowing the leather strands across her face so she knew what was coming Angie at this stage was very excited. She once again took it like a real Pro after some firm to hard smacks I started to rotate between a soft fluffy towel the bull whip and the cricket bat, heightening her sensations she was starting to beg for cock, I was starting to crave her hot pussy also.

Getting down to my knees I unzipped her sexy leather hot pants, as they came off a long strain of pussy cum draped between the hot pants and her pussy it was so hot and she was so wet, it was then I noticed the string protruding from her pussy.. “Oh yeah” I said to myself I had forgotten I told her to insert her plastic pussy balls earlier in the evening what a welcome surprise, as I was taking the 1st ball out as slowly as possible her groans were intense she gripped the covers of the bed with all her might the second ball just shot out nearly hitting me in the process, like 2 bars of soap very slippy and difficult to hold I thought the only place for these are in her mouth and again she thanked me for letting her taste her own pussy she is being a really attentive sub at this stage.

With her balls and cum in her mouth it was time for me to get a taste of the hot slippery property that was before my eyes and I wasted no time liking her pussy, getting my tongue wet with her love juice and then transferring it to her ass making it a natural lube, I could hardly restrain myself my cock rubbing endlessly off my leather briefs craving to be inside her.

I just wanted to give her 1 more spank and to not let her get the cock for just that bit longer it was driving her crazy, with cum all over my lips and face she took great pleasure in kissing it off me just before I gave her 1 last go on my cock. Again she thanked me.

Rotating between my trusty friends the soft fluffy towel, bull whip and cricket bat the intensity of the spanking increased and so it was set, the cock she was craving was no longer able to resist her beautifully lubed pussy and it was inserted with power from the 1st stroke I grabbed her flowing long auburn hair and fucked her so hard, she begged for it harder my whole body sweating, drips coming off my nose and falling on her sexy back, the sensations were building for what seemed like an eternity her pussy just felt so good I could feel the cum oozing from her, that noise of my balls slapping off her skin at a furious rate and we were both going to that place that when you masturbate or you’re having vanilla sex you always think about. I like to call it heaven! Boom!!

Thanks J for this very sexy story.

What did you think of this hot fantasy?

What fantasies have you played out with your partner?

18 thoughts on “Fantasy Friday : When Barry met Angie

      1. Well tell the authors I was very impressed and they should be very proud of it. I would like to read any more that they have. I am sure I am not the only one who will say that today reading that story Robert.

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