Plastic Fantastic

suck them off!

Plastic fantastic

When you organise an orgy, it’s always important to be an attentive host. Yummi nibbles, fine champagne, sexy music and of course, lots of condoms n lube. Never let it be said that Robert puts on a bad show. I like everything to be perfect and sensual to get my guests into the mood for hot sex. Afterall, you wouldn’t want to have sex in a hovel drinking cava!

Looking around and seeing all my hot friends having an orgasmic time always fills me with an immense feeling of satisfaction.

Then it dawned on me, all the women were leggy blondes. Now, I did not intend to only invite blondes, but Houseguest was the only brunette in the room. And didn’t she know it. She stood out like the dark-haired siren that she is.

Oh and she stood out as the only women with her own breasts! Now, Robert is a feet man, but I appreciate a great rack as much as the next horny fellow. So this was an excellent opportunity to compare all the various augemented breasts with Houseguest’s natural beauties.

After sampling them all, I decided that fakes do look great, and surprisingly, they all feel very different. I had assumed that fakes would all feel very similar, but no!
Houseguest, of course, put it all into perspective, “Do all cocks feel the same in your mouth, Robert?” Well, I don’t think so. “Let’s find out!”

This was the punishment for having the audacity to compare the ladies’ breasts; I was required to suck all the lads dicks and report back my findings!

This man doth ne’er protest too much!! So, I took my punishment as only I can, by giving these men the best damned blow jobs they had ever recieved!! If you want a job done right, leave it to Robert!

Naturally, the ladies were taken aback by my oral fabulousness, and all was forgiven, as I was put to work on pleasing them too! Sometimes it pays to be bad!

Oh, and in summary: All breasts feel different, and I like that. All penises feel different, and I like that too.

But most importantly, Houseguest should never be irked, and women should never be underestimated!

8 thoughts on “Plastic Fantastic

  1. My god man, do you not tank before you open your mouth lol women are very particular about their boobs and how they feel 🙂 again house guest totally had the right idea for you my friend

  2. Lisa, Robert does love getting punishments, so getting one certainly doesn’t inspire him to think with his “big” head. Some things just aren’t possible.

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