Wicked Wednesday: Home coming


The best thing about going away for a week is coming home to a friendly face and getting reacquainted all over again. People say that absence makes the heart grow fonder, but I say that it makes your dick grow harder. All I wanted to do was go straight to bed and have my wicked way with Houseguest. I’d spent days thinking of all the filthy things I would do to her. Turns out, she had been doing the same.

Houseguest has me at a terrible disadvantage. Seems that she was a girl scout, or something similar, and is very good with knots. As much as I love to be tied up for a little while, a man needs to be in charge, right? Sadly, she was not having any of it. I just couldn’t break free, and when I complained, she slapped me in the face with her pussy before ball-gagging me! As many of my male friends will lament, I don’t have a very wide-opening mouth, so it hurts to be ball-gagged!

So, should a man be in charge in the bedroom? Isn’t that the norm and what women want? As Houseguest likes to tell me, I’m no normal man, and she is no normal woman. Which is very true. We are not your average couple. She is wild and out of control. I’m meek and unassuming! What we want might not be what you want!

Anyway, I digress. What do women want in the bedroom? A boss, an equal, a slave?

Oh and by the way, the worst thing about coming home? Explaining to your PA why you have rope burn on your wrists the Monday after!

8 thoughts on “Wicked Wednesday: Home coming

  1. No complaints about the rope burns, or I’ll bitch slap you with my pussy again! Otherwise known as the “snatch-slap”. Careful, Boy…..

  2. I think a man should take his reward or punishment and be submissive when commanded…There’s always plenty of time to return the favour 🙂

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