Guest Blog From Houseguest: Bisexual swingers ROCK. Give one a try!

Dearest Robert is out of the country for the week and has asked me to fill his demented shoes. A girl can only try to accomplish such a feat. Here goes.

Houseguest Says….

Bisexual swingers ROCK. Give one a try!

Wow. That’s a lot of concepts thrown together, but let me tell you that it IS an extremely fulfilling lifestyle for many reasons, some of which I shall list for you.

Late night TV host, David Letterman, would be proud to know his top 10 list has been expanded to include why bisexual swinging is the stuff dreams are made of!

10  When you see a hot guy, you can share the info with your man, and he won’t be jealous. He’ll perv right along with you.

9      As the old saying goes, “Two heads are better than one”. That saying was really written about swinging. Everyone knows two cocks are better than one! Don’t even get me started on DP, because I can’t stop, once I do.

8      When you point out a hot girl, your man will love you even more than before. He will thank his lucky stars to have a woman, who appreciates female hotness as much as he does. Guys always love girl-on-girl.

7      You can share most any sexual desire with your man, and he will be into it. Considering he likes men, women and various combinations thereof, he is pretty much an “anything goes” kind of guy.

6      Your sex life is filled with so many possibilities to experience, that it always seems fresh.

5      You will become a person confident in her/his body. Any person willing to be seen naked by/have sex with people other than ones regular partner will by necessity no longer worry about the physical imperfections we all have.

4      DP!! Need I say more? Once you’ve had it, you can never have enough.

3      If the guys can’t figure out how to work your clit like she deserves, you can rest assured that hot girl you’re eyeing knows exactly what to do.

2      You can share the sexual fantasies and stories with him that you normally reserve for your girlfriends.

The Number One Reason to be a bisexual swinger is:

If your man has to go to Kuala Lumpur on business, you always have plenty of good friends to take care of your needs, while he’s gone!

Maybe you have even better reasons to add to the list? I’d love to hear them!

14 thoughts on “Guest Blog From Houseguest: Bisexual swingers ROCK. Give one a try!

  1. Nice list and nice to hear your voice as well; although Robert’s will be missed, but lucky devil being in Kuala Lumpur and even luckier you have all his friends to play with.

    I hope you have loads of fun.

  2. You two are shocking (in a very good way) funny, normative, thought provoking and VERY sharing, always brightens my day reading these lol 😉

    P.s. could liv Tyler Megan fox and Paul walker make an appearance I the perfect orgy 🙂

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