Guest Blog From Houseguest: What’s your Sexual Motto?

As Robert is travelling on business/ogling the beautiful women and men of the world, he asked me to step in for the week. Finally a chance to have my voice heard!!

What’s your Sexual Motto?

Since I have my own favorite sayings/motto to live by regarding sex, I wondered if other people have the same. Robert knows my motto in life is, “Take no prisoners”, but my sexual motto is different.

“Come until it hurts”!! That’s the saying I live by. And I don’t mean myself, when I talk about the hurting. I have a somewhat dominant and slightly sadistic side, which means I enjoy torturing Robert for my sexual pleasure. No worries; He isn’t complaining about it in the least. How could he? He is the orgasmic benefactor of all my exertions. It just seriously gets me off to see Robert orgasming so hard, that he passes into the realm of pain.

When he thinks he can’t take any more, that’s when I feel the need to push him much, much further. Want to pull out, Robert? Fuck no! I will slap your ass and hold you by the balls, if you even think of trying. I want to see you begging me to allow it……. Then I’ll think about it.  When I’m straddling him, and he thinks I should climb off now….. That’s when I really start to ride. The look of pleasure filled agony and pleadings for me to stop…… it just about drives me to orgasm all on its own.

Robert recently had the chance to help with my little torture-filled pleasure needs, and I think he could see how hot it really is. Again, he wasn’t complaining!!! We had a very hot, submissive girl sandwiched between us. Robert on his back, cock in her pussy. Me on top fucking her ass with my strap-on like there was no tomorrow. She was groaning for all she was worth with an orgasm, since she couldn’t talk with a ball-gag in her mouth. I could tell when the groans turned to, “Oh my God, I can’t take any more”. But that’s just what got me off. Knowing her pleasure was edging into pain and then pushing her further. Hell yes, Girlfriend! I say, come until it hurts. Robert sure loved it! And when I told him not to stop under any circumstances, he didn’t dare! LOL

Anyone who knows Robert will understand that his sexual motto is, “No guilt, only freedom”. I’d call it living the good life.

So what’s your motto – words to live your sex life by?

12 thoughts on “Guest Blog From Houseguest: What’s your Sexual Motto?

  1. What a GREAT post! As always the lovely ‘ Houseguest’ didn’t disappoint. Although I’m disappointed in myself as I don’t have a motto.for my sex life. Perhaps I need to do so in order to get the sex life I have wanted/needed! So kudos to houseguest for getting me thinking and perhaps on the road to sexual satisfaction!

  2. Excellent post by the way!! I would have to say my sexual motto would be “Sex is a 2 way treat”. It’s great when both partners are in sync and are willing to explore what works and what doesn’t. Keep those posts cuming!

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