Willy Wednesday: My best friend

I’m not afraid to admit that I love my best friend. We have a special relationship. From the moment we became aware of each other, it was love at first touch. We would live happily ever after! We are perfect for each other. Inseparable!!

Every morning, I give my best friend a ‘massage’, shave and moisturize him. My best friend always looks amazing and is such an eager beaver for ‘play time’.

When I’m sad, he’s the first I turn to for comfort. He never lets me down, or anyone else. And the happiness he brings my special friends can’t be underestimated. My best friend is all give.

Willy, when you got ‘up tight’, I got that surgery to cut you loose.

And well, you know I loved putting a ring in you. I had to make that commitment.

Willy, my cock, my precious meat, my all-loving dick…. I love you! And I know, that you love me.

But you do have a mind of your own, and yes, you do pipe up at the most inappropriate times! And as much as that embarrasses me at the time, you know I can never stay angry at you.

That time you stood up in my speedos in Ibiza, hell, it could happen to anyone! You big kidder, you!

I just love you so much.

You and me, we’re tight

How do you feel about your best friend?

And what trouble has he/she got you into?

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