Sexy Sunday : Hand on heart



As much as I really don’t love champagne, and it leaves me with a bad head, I find myself drinking it anyway. A bottle with Houseguest is sure to give me a muzzy head the next day. Sure enough, I woke this morning with a headache and parched throat. But when your other half loves the stuff, what can you do?

That’s the thing with being a gentleman and in love. You are a virtual slave to feelings. Hand on heart, I love it. There is something utterly satisfying about treating your woman right and worshipping her.

But it does raise a question. When is it right to put your foot down and not give her what she wants? A bottle of champagne? No problem. A new pair of heels? Of course, Dear!

It occurs to me, that I should be less accommodating and dish out a few spankings now and then.

But Houseguest has a weapon to neutralize me. Her pussy!

Only last night, she used this weapon against me. Houseguest had given me some cheek that was deserving of a firm hand across her pert bottom. It’s such a sexy bottom, and looks its best with a red handprint on it!

So, there I am wrestling her into postion to deliver some corrective punishment; I even manage to fire off a couple of spanks, before she uses her not-so-secret weapon.

“Here Robert, look, look! Dont you want it?”

I try to resist and keep my attention on her bottom, but it’s no use. From having her across my lap, I find myself on my back, pinned down with her pussy in my face and my tongue on her clit. How the fuck did that happen?! I’m supposed to be dishing out punishment, and I end up eating pussy!

SDD (Sexual Distraction Disorder) strikes again!! Houseguest invented this term to describe me.

She’s sneaky, but what can I do? I simply can’t resist.

Are you just as sneaky?

How do you keep your man/woman under your spell?

What do you do to get what you want? Special dinner? Killer heels?

Care to share?

18 thoughts on “Sexy Sunday : Hand on heart

  1. I am currently following a diet to get to a smaller dress size; under doctors advisement, to earn the a very special dress.

    In the past, I have cooked special dinner or preformed fellatio to persuade my partner that I have earned that special little treats.

    I am not as sneaky as your naughty house guest, maybe I should ask her for some tips to better help me get those special treats. 😉

  2. Well, I am certainly no sexpert, but…. My motto in life is, “Take no prisoners”. I guess the Brits say, “Give no quarter”. Either way, have no mercy or hesitation in achieving a goal and do whatever it takes. And have fun along the way!!

              1. Oh, absolutely. My thing is you have to want to do “fill in the blank with your kink” with me. It’s not something I would want to force on someone just to try it. If you are into it, then I can be into it with you. If you aren’t into it, then what are you into? Can’t promise you I will want those things too, but I might. Try me.

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