Fantasy Friday: Ultimate Fantasies


Ultimate fantasies. We all have them, don’t we? But, when put on the spot by Houseguest, I was kind of stumped. Of course, I have plenty of fantasies, but an ultimate fantasy? A fantasy, to rule all fantasies? Well, that something else.

There is a way, of course, to work out your ultimate fantasy. You just need to pull together all your ultimate ingredients and mix, right?

So, first of all. Who is going to be there? As I’m bisexual, it must be a MFM. Not a gang-bang or FFM, no not for me. And of course, they all need to be bisexual. Before you say how boring, no I don’t want to be buggered by an Alsatian, asphyxiated, or dressed up like a hairy tranny!

The lady? That’s easy: Houseguest. In a pair of black, patent leather, 6 inch heels. Wearing expensive black lace underwear, garter set and black seemed stockings. Perfection!

The guy? I’m thinking muscles, big interesting tattoos, deep tan, decent amount of body hair, a cock to make your eyes water and a greedy ass! Like me, but more Latin…lol.

Where? A Luxury villa in Ibiza. I have a place in mind in Cala Llonga, a location, where I’ve had many a great holiday.

No play date is complete without some sexy play toys.

Fine champagne. I think you know how I like it served!

Expensive sex toys, made by artisans in Italy!

Whipped cream, served up with strawberries, lest we run low on energy.

Leather Paddle, ball gag and spreader bar. A naughty Houseguest needs to be kept in line!

Rope and handcuffs. I’m sometimes bad too!

So there you are. I want a hot bi-threesome in a villa with Houseguest and a hot hunk.

Not unreasonable at all, I think. I hope you’re reading, Houseguest. Christmas is coming up, and you’d better get organizing!


What’s your ultimate fantasy? Care to share?

29 thoughts on “Fantasy Friday: Ultimate Fantasies

  1. My fantasy is for an everyday lifestyle. I share my life with Robert and another man, as this would be fulfilling for me and Robert both. Both my men are dominant, manly-men, and they really love each other and me with all their hearts. Two men might just manage to put me in my place, when I’ve been naughty. Robert can tell you that one man alone is not up to the task. But when they’ve been bad, watch out….nothing is safe or sacred. I will tie them up and own their asses! Put three dominant personalities together, and step back to watch the fun and fireworks.

    The qualities of utmost importance for my fantasy men are intelligence and humor. Anyone lacking in either is automatically disqualified. Of course, Robert has both in spades. Now we just need our third.

    Life would be lived in a southern locale with plenty of hotties and little clothing required.

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