Wicked Wednesday: Taking one for the team!


So, it seems these days that every woman has a gay, best friend. You know the type of man: funny, good-looking,

The man you want!
The gay best friend you have

sensitive, knows how to bake a cake.

But would your gay best friend make a perfect husband?

Compatible in every way and hot!

I know what you’re thinking. A woman has her needs right? Who’s going to stoke the fire?

Well, Hello! Threesomes!

Some lucky bi-guy will have to be the hot meat in your sandwich.

Think you could pull it off?

But maybe you don’t want a ripped, sensitive hunk. Maybe you want a nasty bit of rough?

The husband you’re stuck with

Don’t we all love a bastard…. sometimes? Treat them mean and all that? A challenge? Blah, blah, blah…

I have been mistaken for a gay man myself, as many bisexual men are.

And Houseguest herself is a gay man trapped in hot woman’s body, making us damned-well perfect together.

Well you have to keep him happy!

But, what’s your perfect match?

What do you reckon, trade your husband in for a hot, gay guy?

46 thoughts on “Wicked Wednesday: Taking one for the team!

      1. Hey if you knew how erm how I am trying to make a basic sponge hell yes. My sponges are used as disc’s at field events, even those ones where you meant to add an egg.

  1. I do believe my next husband (shall I ever decide to go down that dreaded path again) will be Bi. As all your points seems valid to me. Also is this a ploy to convince houseguest to marry you? if so, Bravo- great angle on your route!

  2. That would be perfect! But It would be hard to pull off in a small southern baptist american town!! They wold burn me at the stake! I am already part WITCH for dating outside my race! LOL

      1. Perhaps I shall! I just need a place to run too when I am ran out of town by the townsfolk with their pitchforks and torches. See this is why the Bi-husband is the best route! You get to have your fun at home and not be sent packing

  3. I love my best friend with all my heart and probably could have married him. He’s cute and funny, loves to shop til we both drop, and yes he bakes the lightest most fluffiest cakes! He’s my shoulder to cry on and we just get each other. He recently moved to set up home across the other side of the world, with a man who loves him unconditionally… Guess I won’t be marrying him after all !!!

  4. My best friend for ten years was a gay man — we actually had a plan that if neither of us were married by the time we were thirty-five, we would marry each other… while continuing to love and lust whoever we pleased, of course!

    But I have the the ultimate situation for myself already. I’m pansexual by orientation, but in all other ways, I’m a straight man in a woman’s body (think football, fast cars, whiskey straight from the bottle, and sex ALWAYS on the brain). Both my husbands are pansexual, as well. One is otherwise a woman trapped in a man’s body (think good cook, emotional, empathetic, fond of cuddling, and chock full of Leonine attention whoring). The other mostly acts like a straight man, but he does have some feminine qualities (a perfect mash-up of brotherly love and womanly wiles).

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