Women cant be trusted!

There you go!

I said it!!

Women can not be trusted!

Me? I’m too trusting for my own good. I lay on a hot foursome for Houseguest, and my reward? To be tied up and to have a ball-gag shoved in my mouth!

I mean, really?!

A ball-gag!!

In my mouth!!

You know I like to have my say on all things!

So there I am, wrists tied together and gagged, with Houseguest whipping me and telling our playmates how much trouble I cause her!

What the heck! The trouble I cause her? She has some front, that girl.

My punishment? To be sodomised by all and sundry, as my back was lashed with a cat-o-nine tails.  What is it with girls and their strapons?!

Give a girl a 9 inch strapon, and she imediately turns into a male porn star.

“I’m going to shove it up your ass”.

“You fucking want it, dont you”.

“You fucking cock whore”.

Getting my face slapped with a rubber cock is not my idea of a good time!

Well, maybe.

A little.

Ok, so I love a bit of ritual humiliation.

I do protest too much! But isn’t that the fun?

I digress, so as I took my ‘punishment’, I had plenty of time to contemplate how women simply can not be understood or controlled by men. Houseguest? She’s an enigma to me. And yet, she understands me totally.

How will I ever get her under my control? I’ve tried spanking her, bribing her with expensive shoes and hand bags, and laying on an endless supply of earth shattering orgasms. And yet, she continues to befuddle me.

She astounds me at every turn; I am intoxicated by her.

Can a man ever hope to understand a woman?

15 thoughts on “Women cant be trusted!

      1. I told you figured that out babes.

        This lady thinks that you doth protest too much to the post and you truly enjoy yourself and the latest escapades of the naughty houseguest.

  1. Well..ok.
    We are miles apart on the sexuality scale, no shock there, but I still love there few interactions and rib digging we get to & the pub beverage thing is still on my cards 🙂

    I figure I’m a total switch here, & haven’t done Bi. Not to say I won’t taste new foods…

    It’s a theory I have about joint satisfaction I guess & knowing each other. I won’t serve what I won’t accept, so if I think I’m going to get away with a spank then I need to be prepared.

    I’ll give trust where it’s deserved. I trust you, and women, and a few other things.

    I’ll be watching the next Rugby game expecting your rib-nudges too.

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