When is a fetish not a fetish?

When is a fetish not a fetish?

What is a sexual fetish? I’ve always thought that a fetish was something that got you off that was a little bit unusual. Such as spanking, beautiful feet, expensive high heels, rubber, watersports, hot candle wax, my list goes on and on……

But when is a fetish no longer a fetish? Is the thing that makes a fetish, a ‘fetish’, the quality of being unusual and not widely practiced? So what happens when everyone is at it?

I used to think that anal sex is a fetish, but these days it seems everyone’s old granny is at it. So it seems to have lost its naughty quality. Though I doubt the day will ever come when I don’t get off on a bit of bum fun.

But it does raise an important point. Does a true fetish need to have a naughty forbidden quality? Something most people would think is odd and unappealing?

I must confess that I like having quirky sexual tastes that most people find odd. I prefer the way I serve champagne. It’s strangely satisfying.

Maybe we just have to admit that some of our fetishes are no longer really fetishes but just run of the mill sex acts? Does that make them any less fun? Well, for me at least, it does.

Where will this lead Robert? What crazy sex acts will I have to get up to, Β to satisfy my carnal urges? Will Houseguest be forced to dress up as a gimp and chase me around the house with a giant rubber chicken? (That’s not a hint Houseguest!)

What’s your fetish?

Do you agree?

Where do you think it will all end?

51 thoughts on “When is a fetish not a fetish?

  1. Bum fun?! BUM FUN?! πŸ˜‰
    I’d like to think society had moved on & accepted that ‘fetishes’ are just a preference x

  2. Being the shoe whore that I am, mine is being fucked by a man with nothing on but boots- not dress boots or work boots, but specifically Timberland boots!

      1. Oh no, dont get me wrong, I will be wearing the 5 inch heels, but him he needs the boots! Since you dont like maybe there are many other and guess that means mine is still a fetish then!

      2. Trying to imagine you in 5 inch heel Robert hehe, Okay naughty house guest if there is pictures please send me a copy to my email address πŸ˜‰ pretty please with a cherry on top.

  3. I prefer preference to fetishes and mine is wide and varied, always add more to my curious list. I personally believe that it is a person’s preferences that makes them unique doesn’t matter whether or not the preferences have become mainstream or when out of fashion. It is what make that person they are.

                    1. He is a classic Dominate personality and hmmmmmmmm I wouldn’t mind being submissive to him ANY TIME. You need to watch some episodes to see what I mean babes.

                      Be still my beating submissive heart.

  4. Well, well… I personally like a touch of the demented and seriously perverted with my sex. Robert, could you help me out please?

  5. Fetish… hmm. My fav things to wear and his too are my black 3 inch (im 510 so thats all I can handle without killing myself) black leather knee high-what we call cum fuck me boots. Best for dragging along his back when he needs to be…redirected lets say. πŸ˜‰ The rest of the outfit varies and never last long anyways.

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