India, Robert India. 0069!

The name is India, Robert India. Double ‘O’ sixty-nine!


A pint of Guinness, easy on the head!

Don’t you just love Bond? He’s the man that all little boys want to grow up to be. Sophisticated, well dressed, able to pull all the hottest women and with impeccable nails!

We all have a favourite Bond. My dad loves Connery. Mum loves Moore. Me? I want Daniel Craig, hog-tied, naked and ball-gagged.

And what about the Bond women! For me, there is only one Bond woman. Halle Berry as Jinx. Yum!! Halle Berry, Robert India, Daniel Craig: that’s one hot threesome!!

And where am I going to have that threesome? At first, I thought the space station in Moonraker. But think about all that cum floating about! No, it has to be a tropical Island, the one that Goldfinger was shacked up on.

So, it’s me, Halle Berry and a tied up Daniel Craig on Goldfinger’s Island.  I can see it now, me slowly walking out of the warm tropical sea, shaking the water from my hot, tanned body. And Halle Berry on the beach whipping Daniel Craig’s hog-tied ass.

That will learn him!

But don’t we all have a dark side too? Bond villains. There have been some pretty sexy ones. My choice? Bambi and Thumper! Let’s play rough!!! Oh Mammy!!

What’s your favourite Bond & Bond girl combination? And where is your party going to be rocking?

20 thoughts on “India, Robert India. 0069!

  1. Daniel Craig might need a bib, to catch the drool. I would love to be Miss Moneypenny. I believe Daniela Bianchi ; Russian with Love, classic beauty.

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