Never say Never Again!!

There are some things that everyman expects of his woman. Didn’t Dolly say, “Stand by your man?” Well, that’s what I expected. But oooohhh no! That was just too much to expect from Houseguest.

I’m not one to keep things to myself; Houseguest is well aware of how pissed off I was to see another man eat her pussy, when it’s off limits to me. Even if I’m the one, who chose for it to be off-limits. I’m dying through sex starvation, and she is there getting feasted on!

And as for Rick! That man told me more lies than Richard Nixon. He has turned out to be one of those predatory submissives.

It’s time to put my house in order, as only Robert knows how: a night of sadomasochistic torture for them both!

No better way to do this than at the beast’s lair. Houseguest was given strict instructions: prepare dinner for Rick and me. Dinner was to be served in total silence, and I expected total obedience!

Arriving at Houseguest’s abode, I was met by her in no more than a red Agent Provocateur bra, thong and garter set, and sexy black stockings with 5-inch fuck-me heels.

OK baby. So, that’s how you want to play it.

Low and behold, Rick had also made it there before me. Dressed in a black dog collar, leather wristbands, leather ankle bands and nothing else. What a sub. I’ll learn him good! If you are going to wear this kinda get-up, you have to walk the walk. In Rick’s defence, he does have an amazingly lean and sexy body, and the cutest ‘fuck me like I’m worthless’ ass. And I know from experience, that boy likes it hard and mean! And that’s what boy was going to get!

As requested, dinner was served promptly at 7. As the lord of the manor, I sat at the head of the table, with Houseguest and Rick seated facing each other on either side of me. Look at them both! Tucking into their salads like butter wouldn’t melt! My blood began to boil. It was oh so subtle at first. A glance, a gesture, the silence punctured by sounds of breathing. Houseguest’s pert bosom rising and falling with her breathing. Ricks pecs and abs contorting, as he played with his food.

The pair of them turned to face me and proclaimed together, “Robert you have been a bad, bad man!”

“I’ve been a bad man! You pair have been carrying on without me. And as for you Rick, you fecker! You fed me a pack of lies”.

“Robert Sir, I only followed Mistress’s orders”. And at this, he and she both smile wide.

WTF!!! The silence was broken by the sound of Houseguest’s heels on the wooden floor. I was truly stunned.

“Robert sweetheart, don’t look so shocked”, with those words she knelt between my legs and unzipped me…….

“I needed to teach you a lesson. Rick told me all about Mr and Mrs X. Baby you need to learn that you don’t need to fuck everything that moves, not when you have me to worship”.

Later that night, as I found myself spread-eagled and shackled to the bed via the very leather cuffs that Rick had been wearing, I began to reflect on my relationship with Houseguest. Every part of me belongs to her. I will worship her with all that I am, until my last days.

It was Rick who brought me back to the moment, as he sat on my chest and slapped my face with his hard cock. “Robert, don’t ever deprive us of sex again”.

Guys, I won’t ever deprive myself of anything, ever again.


Have you ever been in a similar situation? What would you do?

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26 thoughts on “Never say Never Again!!

  1. My god, Robert! One could not possible ask for more or better than what you already have. Wake up and get a clue…

  2. You were silly and damn well deserved the treatment you received 😉 however though all of that the thing that shocked me most was that YOU put the ban on feasting on house guest in that way. Not sure what that says about my shock levels 🙂

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