Torture Garden

If there were ever an advertisement for BDSM club nights, this Saturday night would have been it. Even now, I’m still buzzing! Why was it so much fun?

Perfect storm! Everything went right.

We both looked so hot! Me in a PVC hot pants/vest ensemble. Hello!! Sm-o-king!! Oh, and Houseguest dressed as a character from the Watchmen. That woman looks good in yellow rubber.

Torture Garden was full to the rafters with all sorts of hotties, and the atmosphere was great!

Best of all, we met the hottest couple ever. A hot bi-guy with his hot bi-girlfriend. Why was this couple so beguiling? He had a foot fetish, and she wore 5 inch black patent heels! Heaven. I had to lick them, kiss them, and rub them on my cock!

What is it about feet and heels that I simply cant resist? Everything!!! I see a woman with perfect feet in sexy heels, and I am enslaved.  Two women in sexy heels… I’m in heaven!

Oh, the show we put on.  My new friend and I on our knees worshipping the feet of two beautiful women. Oh god, I’m hard thinking about it right now.

Watching those girls kiss, as we licked their heels….

The taste of the leather, the texture, the soft skin, the fragrance……

Seeing another man as equally into feet as me. A special moment.

That was just for starters. I told my newfound friends of Houseguest’s treachery with Rick, and we all agreed that Houseguest was to be punished. A rather nice man from Wexford tied her up and suspended her from the ceiling for us to admire. Watching her spin around in the air, all trussed up and looking hot. It was too much for me to endure, and the four of us left to carry on our party in private.


Have you ever been in a similar situation? What would you do?

Share your thoughts with me!

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14 thoughts on “Torture Garden

  1. I guess the two weeks went out the window! hhahahaha – thanks for the imagery – it’s better than this damn hurricane I’m weathering at the moment. Sounds like you two had a ball (or two :p)

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