Depressed and sex starved

I’m feeling depressed and despairing. Not the double D’s I like to feel though.

Sure, it was never going to be easy. And yes, it has only been a few days, but I expected a little support from houseguest. Instead, I get temptation and ridicule.

For the sake of my sanity, I have decided it’s best not to see houseguest until the weekend, to stiffen my resolve and nothing else.

A polite text message sent yesterday: please don’t call or drop by the house.

Hhmm. no response. She sent me a video text later in the day, which should immediately have forewarned me that she was up to something.

“Hello, Robert darling. I hope you are enjoying yourself at home, alone”. And then she blows me a kiss.

Well, I immediately recognised sounds! Robert is no fool.

The camera slowly panned down to between her legs. And there he is, the Judas!!

Rick, set to work eating her pussy!

Her little video message finished with, “Well, someone needed to take care of business”. Mwah!

How dare she have another man eat her pussy, when I’m not allowed to!

The least that she can do is to abstain with me!

My only consolation is knowing that Rick gives crap head. He’s all teeth and slobbers; the man needs constant direction.

Rick and I need to talk. In two weeks time, I’m going to tie him up and plough the ring off him.

As for you, houseguest? I have something quite depraved lined up for your punishment!

Save me from myself!

Have you ever been in a similar situation? What would you do?

Share your thoughts with me!

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24 thoughts on “Depressed and sex starved

      1. I bet she is, but your depression is normal side effect of orgasm denial honey.

        I suggest you to something physical to bring up your feel good hormones up

          1. Hmmmm I know what you mean honey and totally natural that is why I suggest a good workout at the gym or rugby training to get the feel good hormones up and it may settle the depression down a bit and will also stop the onslaught of Mr Grumpy.

                    1. Shhhhhhh!!!!!! or my naughty secret will get out. Just have as much with those ideas as your naughty houseguest has been with you 😉

  1. You do sound down, so unlike the Robert I know. Just think, you’ve got all this to pan some fantastic night in with houseguest! Chin up (and nothing else) xx

  2. Well…..when you put it that way….you know you own every little piece of me…even if Rick had to help me punish you a little, just for fun!!

  3. Talk like that will cause you to end up chained to my bed for life! No more work for you. Only job, be my love slave…

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