Femme Fatale: Part 4

Hindsight, it’s a wonderful thing. Everything seems so obvious after the fact. You look back and ask yourself, ‘What the fuck were you thinking’! Trouble is, I wasn’t thinking. I was horny and wanted to fuck.

So, I decided to go ahead and meet Mr. & Mrs. X for diner and a fuck date last night. It all started off so well. A few G&Ts in the lounge to break the ice, and then Mr. X takes the initiative with some hot kisses. For all his foreboding looks and persona, he is a fab kisser. I’m thinking yeah, not what I expected, but let’s party.

From the corner of my eye, I can see that Mrs. X is rubbing one out as she watches, which is cool. Plenty of women like to watch a bit of man-on-man, and I can see that she gets off on it. I do love putting on a show and playing up to the audience. Especially, when the audience is a hot minx with a sexy ass and cute little feet.

Mrs. X liked to direct, “Lick his…. suck his…..”. It was pretty horny following her commands, “Fuck him in the ass”. When in Rome… So there I am, on all fours wiggling my muscle ass, with Mr. X sliding into me, when out comes a whip.

Thankfully, I saw it after he had slid in, or I would have tensed up…….

Mr. X is a good top; he knows how to pump ass, and soon took my mind off the whip in Mrs x’s hand. There we are, getting a good groove on, my eyes closed, living in the moment, and then suddenly ‘watisssshhh’!!! It’s the sound of a whip, but not on me.

The air filled with another whip-crack, followed by an “Oh mammy”!

WTF!!! Again with the whip, and again with the “Oh mammy”. OMG!!!! It’s Mr. X! Lord help me. ‘Focus on the pleasure in your ass, Robert, and be thankful it’s him getting the whip and not you’.

Mrs. X is whipping the living b’jeazus out of him, and he is still able to fuck my ass like a pro. That alone is feat of some accomplishment.

“Robert sweetheart, open your eyes”. Of course, I’m afraid to. Maybe it’s my turn for the whip. Opening them gingerly, I see front of me holding a baby bottle. That’s it! It’s just too fucking weird!!! I push Mr. X out of my butt-hole and tell them I’m going home and to never call me again. This shit is just too much!!

There is only one thing I can do; head straight to houseguest’s. I needed sympathy and love. After she had finished laughing, she lay my little head on her lap and stroked my head. “There, there, baby. It’s ok”. With that, she unbuttoned her blouse and held me to her chest. She’s the only mammy I want!

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Have you ever been in a similar situation? What would you do?

Share your thoughts with me!

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10 thoughts on “Femme Fatale: Part 4

  1. OMG eww hahahahaha how did you not die laughing on the spot?! Its one thing to yell mammy when getting whipped….but the whole baby thing…for real? That is one kink I just can’t wrap my head around…esp when they go all the way there – with diapers and bottles and shit….Houseguest to the rescue! Robert darling – she sounds like pretty much all you need – with the occasional gorgeous boy thrown in the mix…why stray far from a good thing…..hahahaha at least you’re safe with her and well satisfied…but I do love your adventures!

    1. Tracy I’m a dumb fuck! Less time thinking with my cock and more with my head.
      I promised house guest that I will be good. No more kinky threesomes (without her) and stay away from creeps.

      Flipping baby fetish! Never again!

  2. Certainly brings a new meaning to the term baby! Oh to have seen your face… Bet it was a picture… A definite camera moment!

      1. What a dull world if we all ticked the “normal” box. Can honestly say, the Mummy, baby thing is not my kink… Just a little too weird!! Was hilarious to read though!!

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