SDD (Sexual Distraction Disorder) : words of wisdom from houseguest

Oh Robert, Baby, you have some serious SDD! And thank God for that. It’s always my best avenue for leading you where I want…Dangle pussy, ass or toes in front of face, and this man will follow. I love you to bits though; so don’t hold it against me…unless I’ll enjoy the holding.

Yesterday began with Robert telling me that I was to do as told and dig out every set of restraints I own, and a leather paddle to boot. This would be quite a selection of cuffs and ties, but he wanted to find the ones that best suited his needs. I’m always up for some fun, so dig deep into the toy box I did.

As it turns out, Robert is the consummate Twitter slut, and his fellow sluttees having been getting him all worked up lately with their talk of spankings and hot sex. Thus comes the declaration that I am to be restrained and spanked until I beg for mercy, then receive the most merciful and pounding ass-fuck ever. Well, taking a cue from Robert and Mrs. X, I wondered how I could get that pounding without the spanking?

Knowing the man’s sexual appetite and severe case of SDD (coined by me, thank you very much), I was sure of success on my mission. Sexual Distraction Disorder is characterized by the inability to see or think past the feet/pussy/ass dangled in front of one’s face. Robert is the poster child for this predominantly male condition.

It was all very erotic, as Robert so lovingly stripped me, caressed me, restrained me, and worked himself up into one horny man needing to get off. I played along with the game until my ass started to sting from a handful of slaps with his bare hand. He tells me he’s just warming me up for the paddle and not stopping until I can’t sit down. Well folks, it was time to switch gears, because I was worked up too and ready for my merciful pounding. Besides, I had no intention of letting Robert pay me back for the little lesson I administered with the paddle last week!

Here’s where the SDD comes into play. Robert is totally focused on spanking my ass, when I tell him my feet are feeling neglected. Robert, Robert, Robert, women’s feet will surely be your downfall one day! After lots of sucking and licking on the dainty digits, Robert eventually gets back to the spanking notion. A little wiggling of my ass distracts him again long enough to insert his tongue in it and to admire said ass.

Then comes the final deathblow to his plans. “Oh, Baby, I need your cock in my mouth. Let me have it, please”. At that point, Robert could not have told you what his plan had been or why I was in silly restraints, because the SDD had taken hold. He couldn’t untie me fast enough.

He did get his cock lavished with my love, and I mercifully got my ass pounded afterwards!

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