Femme fatale

A rather curious thing happened to me during lunch this afternoon. There I was, enjoying a cheeky G&T, waiting for House Guest, when Miss X stops by my seat at the bar. She is one half of a very odd couple. I hold my hands up and confess, that I have always wanted to bed her, but her partner comes across as bit of a thug, and the non-sharing type.

Anyway, we struck up a conversation of the usual polite platitudes and pleasantries, with none-too-subtle looks and sexual tension between us. We were getting on like the veritable ‘house on fire’, until her husband turned up. A tough-looking, unsophisticated, brute of a man. I’ve always felt a funny vibe from him, but it’s hard to put my finger on what it is. I can see that he dominates her though; that much is clear. Question is: BDSM or domestic violence?

The three of us are chatting away, when Miss X places a hand on my thigh and asks me to join her and Mr. X for ‘diner’ one evening. Well, this was certainly a surprising turn of events. It was a little unsettling to hear from her that Mr. X wants to ‘play’ with me, though it was unclear whether or not she would be part of the ‘after-dinner’ fun.

I nearly fell off my stool! Thankfully, the barman hit me with another drink. So, Mr. X. After one to steady me, I regained my composure. X had very little to say, seeming to assess me, while she made all the overtures. I could not help but think she was laying a trap for me, one in which something rather depraved would happen to me.

The leer that met me from Mr. X sent a chill down my spine and broke me out into a cold sweat. Did he want to kill me or just fuck me? Disturbing images came to mind. No doubt fear was clearly etched upon my face. It really was! Ordinarily, I would walk away, but Mrs. X is rather fuckable. The real question is: how can I bed her without being tied up and power fucked by Mr. X?

Before that question could be answered, houseguest arrived and whisked me away. Not before Mr. X took a firm hold of my wrist though and told me he would see me around!

Ever hear someone say, “That woman will be the death of me?” Mrs. X is lovely and truly fuck-worthy, but thoughts of her being a ‘femme fatale’ leave me cold.


Have you ever been in a similar situation? How would you have reacted?

Share your thoughts with me!

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