Wicked Wednesday: House guest’s revenge: Part two

When houseguest is pleased with herself, she grins. Much like the proverbial cat that got the cream. The odd half-laugh will break out, as she considers what she has achieved. Her eyes narrow, as she starts planning her mischief.

“So tell me boy, what’s your name?”


“Are you still comfortable with my suggestion, Christopher?” I have no idea what’s going on here, as this is all part of houseguest’s surprise for me. Chris looks a little nervous, but answers with an affirmative anyway.

“Ya see, Baby, I asked Chris if he’d like the chance to sub for your hot self, but be open-minded about subbing for me too. I promised him, we’d make sure he enjoyed it. No one-sided fun”. She’s still grinning, and now, Chris is smiling with a lot more certainty as well. This is a plan I can agree to whole-heartedly, but I’m still amazed.

“Yes, Ma’am. I understand. I do as you say, and you’ll take care of me”. Jeesus, he’s gay! How does houseguest get men to agree to whatever she wants?

“So, Boy, do you have a big cock for us?”

The taxi driver nearly drove into a lamppost. Poor Chris went as red as a smacked arse. Poor boy, he really had no idea what was in store for him.

Thankfully, the drive home was a short one, and houseguest decided to take pity on us all, by not embarrassing the three Irishmen in the taxi even more than they already were. That’s most unlike her, but Chris and I were both very thankful for her mercy.

Arriving home, cute little Chris was left to fret on the sofa with houseguest, while I fixed us drinks. I was only gone a matter of minutes getting G&T for house guest, cognac for me and a soda for the boy. I walk back into the lounge and find our guest on his knees, with his face buried in houseguest’s pussy. How to convince a gay boy to eat your pussy in under 3 minutes?

How dare he eat her pussy without my permission!!! Houseguest, seeing the cross look on my face, blows me a kiss. This will never do!

No good deed goes unpunished, so Chris’s PVC trousers were pulled down, revealing a rather snazzy jock strap (I have the same pair), and I delivered six firm smacks to his hot, fuckable ass.

Houseguest gets bolder with each passing week. Do I really have anyone to blame other than myself? I can see another week of spanking coming on!

But anyway, back to Chris. It transpires that he’s not especially experienced with the ladies, but so obviously willing. He’s one of those open minded, androgynous emo kids. Boy? Girl? ‘What does it matter,’ kind of attitude. As long as they take charge of him, he’s happy. And take charge of him, I would.

Having ordered him to strip, houseguest and I were faced with a wonderful surprise. Chris had just about the biggest cock either of us had ever seen. I’m talking about a third leg! We never saw that coming! I just thought, “sub, small cock, total bottom”. There is something about short, cute guys, with abnormally big cocks that is quite mouth-watering.

I must confess; I adore fucking subs with huge cocks. It just amplifies the experience for me. It goes without saying that I fucked him senseless with everything I had. And I mean everything!!  But it was not enough! Insatiable!!! Houseguest was put to work with ‘king dong’, her 10 inch strap-on. We love a challenge, and Chris was certainly one of those.

Chris’s reward for being so hot? To be placed on his back, legs in the air, and be fucked by houseguest’s big strap-on. He looked utterly edible with arms stretched out over his head, wrists bound to the bedposts, nipples clamped tight. I stood over him, dripping hot candle wax onto his sexy body, watching him wince and contort. As the hot wax hit his hard cock, the exquisite pain served to remind him that life is just so fucking great! I’ll leave the night’s details at that point…

But remember, life IS great, and fun is all around us. You just need to roll the dice and take your chances.

PS Chris, those welts will heal in a few weeks…..

11 thoughts on “Wicked Wednesday: House guest’s revenge: Part two

  1. Kinky Fuckery rules. Poor Chris. Looks like he had his eyes open that night. No longer gay either it would seem he’s now a very content Bi. BTW did Houseguest use strap on on you too??

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