Sinful Sunday: House guest’s revenge!

What an utterly stupendous Saturday night. Houseguest and I decided to attend a BDSM club night in the city. The night is called Nimhneach, which is Irish for “poison”.

Houseguest and I had decided to un-dress for the occasion. She was costumed as a very sexy sailor girl and I as a kinky wrestler. In all honesty, we were pretty much in our underwear! Still when you’re as hot as houseguest, it’s a treat for all the boys and girls.

Thankfully, we were not the only ones half naked, so felt right at home.

The club had a good mix of ages and kinks. We had old trannys, pin-up girls, rubber and pvc wearers, and of course Doms with their subs in tow.

And they were in tow! Entering the main part of the club, we were faced with a young lady bent over getting the living be’jeazus spanked out of her! That was only the beginning. She then got the cane, which was followed by a leather belt. Her bottom was black and blue. House guest and I were a little taken a back. A few G&T’s were needed to put us straight (as much as that’s possible).

The poor girl was later put into a cage for her trouble and left there, while her Master spanked his other sub. Bare in mind, this gentlemen was about 65 years old, and both his subs were about 25, dressed as school girls, and mostly naked! Some men get all the luck!

Houseguest suggested that I take the poor girls place, but I declined. Instead, we decided to dance with all the camp boys. Poor things had no idea how to handle her. Suffice to say, she picked out a little something for later on…….

After a little dance, houseguest decided that we needed to go and explore the props displayed around the club. The deviousness of this woman knows no bounds! Before I knew it, I had been shackled to a wooden cross by two rather stern looking ladies. Dommes, I do believe. I had a feeling the women had been conspiring against me, maybe to break in the ‘newbie’, so to speak.

I demanded they set me free, but alas, my demands fell on deaf ears. So, like all men, I begged. A summary court was held; I had been charged with neglecting my duties. To say I was shocked was an understatement! I eat her pussy to orgasm every day!

Alas, my protestations did me no good, and I received 6 of the best from the tallest drag queen, and with the hairiest legs I have ever seen. I sucked it up. But Robert has a long memory……..

Once released, houseguest did offer to kiss it better for me, but I was in a huff and so went to get a drink; only to be ridiculed by the barmaid for being a total baby.

Thankfully, the gay boys were on hand to give me sympathy. They all agreed that women are evil, and that I should stick to men in the future. Houseguest was not happy about that at all! Foolish gay boys, she whipped them all with a cane; they ran off and left me to face the music. Calling a truce (I surrendered), we decided to go and have a dance.

Poor me, the sight of her dancing half-naked caused a natural ‘reaction’, as I was wearing a skin tight spandex wrestling leotard; It did draw much attention. I had to go sit down to cool off. Houseguest, still smarting from a week of spanking, decided to make matters worse by rubbing her sexy feet on my cock and then in my face.

I’m a slave for those feet. In they went, into my mouth. Well, in time a group had formed to watch me devour houseguest’s sexy little feet. The audience only spurred me on, and I happily performed for them.

Sadly for them, it was decided by houseguest that I should take her home and eat her pussy. Bottom lashed, spirit broken, I was in no position to argue.

Heading to the door, houseguest took hold of a little play thing to take home with us; her choice took me as a surprise, as she does not normally select cute little gay boys. But, who am I to complain?

Thus ended the first part of our night………

Special thanks to Chris, you little devil you!

35 thoughts on “Sinful Sunday: House guest’s revenge!

  1. Sounds like somone had a whole lot of fun. Good to hear your bottom was red, for a change. House guest dressed as a sexy sailor girl… I love it!… A fantastic outfit choice!!

  2. Oh you loved the spanking admit it hahahaha – House Guest is awesome!! and you dear boy looked hot in your outfit!! Holy mother of god you’re gorgeous!!! I can’t wait to hear about playtime with you, house guest and gay boy!!!

  3. Hi… I found your blog from the #sinfulsunday hashtag on twitter. I run a bloggers meme by the same name which is based on erotic photography. Maybe you might like to join in in the future. You can read all about it here…. just a heads up though this coming Sunday is a Breast Cancer Awareness themed week but you can find all the details on the site if you are interested in joining us. I think your images would be very popular


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