Wistful Wednesday: 50 Shades of inspiration

Houseguest never ceases to amaze me; Treating me to a cheeky weekend away in Italy and then popping over to my place last night to cook me dinner. She’s an excellent cook, but it’s hard to concentrate on my food, when houseguest is dressed in stockings, suspenders, a corset and G-string. Not to mention an amazing pair of ‘knock me sideways and fuck me senseless’ heels.

I felt a little guilty that she cooked a super meal, and I had taken no more than a bite or two, before dragging her upstairs for a little ‘correction’.

Swish, swoosh, smack, smack!!

Ooooooh!! A little bit harder!

Ah, old faithful, my riding crop. It always sounds amazing, as it cuts the air and makes a delightful crack as crop meets pert bottom. The little impressions the head leaves behind complement her pale skin. Houseguest has come on by leaps and bounds; her bottom is quite…robust! Who am I to deny a woman her right to a warm, glowing backside?

But, in the back of my mind I’m always wary of hurting her. Yes, hurting her. I’m whipping her bottom with a crop, but I’m afraid of hurting her? I know! Go figure!!! What does this all mean? I’m not a natural, sadistic BDSM master. Well, hello!!!!!

So, I’m stating the obvious. Anyone truly in the lifestyle could have told you that. Much in the BDSM world is related to attitudes, character and natural disposition. Will I ever have the attitude of a hardcore Dom? Somehow, I think not. Yet, I could quite easily play the role of a ‘Mr. Grey’ for fun. A slap here, a spank there, and a bloody good rodgering to follow!

In this time of ‘50 Shades’, every woman seems to want a little BDSM-lite! Some excitement and hot sex, where you don’t have to tell your partner what to do to get you off. Even I get off on the thought of it. It’s a fantasy that is actually quite easy to play out. A trip to Ann Summers, and you’re all kitted out for a night of kinky sex. It might not be the real deal-BDSM,but it’s still utterly fulfilling for the majority.

As for houseguest, any hottie that is willing to tie me up and taunt me with her pussy is no submissive. I could ask her to call me Sir and not look me directly in the eye, but I value my balls. Which is just what attracts me to her. A woman with spunk, and she’s not afraid to show me who’s the boss.

6 thoughts on “Wistful Wednesday: 50 Shades of inspiration

  1. BDSM-lite – perfect! I don’t think I could go the whole hardcore route myself – but a little fun – kinky-fuckery – is what I’m after! Much like your houseguest I’d make a lousy submissive hahaha – I’d get my ass beat in a not so good way all the time with my attitude ha!! Is that picture your houseguests bottom? Whoever it belongs to … I am officially jealous – that is a beautiful bum!

  2. That’s a great post and spot on. Most of us want a little fun but not the serious stuff. That’s why 50 was so popular, it was accessible. I find it hard to read the hardcore books, in fact they make me angry. But a little playful kink? Hell yes!

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