Shoe heaven in Padua

After a hectic week of filming in Spain, I needed to see houseguest. I’d asked her to meet me at Dublin Airport, as I quite fancied taking her out to dinner and spending the night with her and those sexy feet.

Seeing her across the arrivals hall made my heart flutter like a teenager in the first thralls of love. There she was: sexy dress, perfect nails, 5-inch heels and a carry-on bag? Bless her! She had booked us a trip to Italy. So off we went on a whirlwind, weekend trip to Milan and Padua. Padua first: it’s simply beautiful and filled with elegant piazzas and expensive boutiques.

Houseguest knows me so well. I was, of course, in foot heaven. The sun was shining, and the ladies were wearing sexy high heels. I’m not ashamed to admit that I was sporting a semi verging on half-mast at the Prada store. Houseguest trying on sexy pair after sexy pair of heels was making me break out in a lustful grimace. I wanted her there and there! Of course, I lost control of myself and was caught by the store attendant drooling at her feet.

“Perhaps Sir would like to see Madam in the red patent leather?”

Sir would like to fuck houseguest right here in the middle of the store! Thankfully, houseguest took pity on me. Having tortured me enough (in public) and cleared my account of €2000, she led me back to our hotel, where I was treated to a private catwalk show. Seems she was not done torturing me. Those expensive silk ties I bought at Roberto Cavalli were used to bind my wrists to the bed. Expensive Italian leather, long sexy legs, and a wild Yankee seductress. I never really stood a chance. Watching her stroll about and tease me was just more than I could endure. I begged like a baby to have her sit on my face. Houseguest reminded me that she needed a new dress, to which I replied, that I would buy her the world, if she sat on my face. Thankfully, she settled for a trip to Gucci, and I got to worship her pussy. Is there anything more exciting than having a lady pull your hair, while you eat her pussy? One orgasm later for houseguest, I was released from my expensive binds and finally allowed to get my tongue on those sexy Prada-bejeweled feet. Nothing tastes better than expensive leather on houseguest’s cute feet. And there is no better time to do it, than while I am buried balls deep in her.

An hour later, we were dressed again and heading out to do a little more shopping. This time, my puppy dog enthusiasm was kept in check; keep thinking calming thoughts… nuns…his holiness. This was especially hard, when buying sexy undies at La Perla.

My reward for holding her bags all day? Evening dinner with houseguest looking stunning in her new Prada heels and Gucci dress. Seeing her shimmer and glow in the evening night reminded me how great it is to be alive. Walking hand in hand after diner, I could not help but pull her into a deserted ally and hold her close to me. Feel her heart beat against mine, look into her eyes, and tell her I could not imagine being there with anyone else.

Her finger placed on my lips, “Yes, Robert. I know. You love me”.

Robert, you are a simple creature!

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