Filming in Spain

What is it about Spanish women that is so sexy? The ladies: They are dark, short, busty, perfectly proportioned and oh so… stimulating.  I can’t resist them. After spending a few days surrounded by scantily clad girls, I was of course, smitten.

As a mere man, I had to have one, of course. In the way that a child has to have the best sweet, when he sees what’s in the sweetie shop.

I want. I want. I want!

So, after filming on Wednesday, I decided to treat one of the beauties to lunch in my private suite. Lobster, washed down with excellent cava. A wonderfully decadent combination and most befitting of the company I was keeping. What most beguiled me about my guest was her unfettered sexual energy. Irish girls don’t have this. At least not in the rain of Dublin. Is it that we Irish just don’t have the sexual liberation of our European neighbors? Dublin is great craic, but it’s true, we don’t have the kind of sexual freedom our continental friends do. At least not before 20 shots of vodka.

My guest and I had a wonderful afternoon in bed; we were not drunk, and we were not ashamed. We had amazing sex, no taboos, just things we both really enjoyed and both felt free to do.

Sex is amazing, and I want it. I don’t need a drink to get me over the line.

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