Corrective Spanking: A week in review

I had intended to write this blog yesterday, but as it was house guest’s last full day with me, I devoted all my energies into making it a super day for her.

She was treated to an early morning ‘noshing’, before being allowed to sleep-in till late morning. Naturally, breakfast was served in bed. But this time, it was not followed by any corporal punishment; only kisses and foot rubs.

I decided some treats were in order, so we had a lazy lunch at the National Gallery followed by a spa treatment for house guest. She really scrubs up well. With her looking so fine, I had to show her off. A super tapas diner in Temple Bar, followed by a show at the fringe festival.

I love it when men look at house guest. They all want her, but she is mine. Well, mine as much as any person can belong to another. The show was a real riot and great fun. A circus/ burlesque show. Lots of laughs. House guest was only warming up, so off we went dancing. She can really strut her stuff. I find that good dancers make great lovers; we dance great together.

Anyway, I digress. Let me review the week of spanking that went by:

Monday: A bare hand. I found using just my hand highly erotic. Her soft skin and firm bottom feel so sexy, but I did find myself distracted by her ass hole. Is that a bad thing? I think not. However, my hand gave out before her ass did, shame on me. 7/10

Tuesday: A slipper. Well, what can I say? It seemed like a good idea at the time. When I think of slippers, I think of traditional spanking that might have been metered out by school masters across Europe. It was supposed to hark back to being a naughty school girl Yet, using the slipper just did not feel sexy. It felt awkward and contrived. I wont go there again. 3/10

Wednesday: A traditional wooden ruler. Though I am still no expert, I have used Laurence to impart justice on occasion. There are times when a house guest is unruly in bed and needs to be taught a lesson. I have found over the years that men’s bottoms are far more robust in dealing with Laurence, but poor house guest simply could not endure. There was simply no satisfaction in having to stop so quickly. So sadly, on this occasion, it was a failure. 1/10 (But I still love you).

Thursday: A paddle. This was like hitting the jack pot. House guest was in spanking heaven. The sound and smell of leather on her bottom really pushed all her buttons. Her bottom just took on this beautiful red hue that made me so hard. She did so well, that rather than pounding her, I decided to give her a good eat-out. Not many things in life are better than a woman cumming on your face. 10/10

Friday: A cane. Being a product of a private school education I am well familiarized with the cane. I’ve had class mates who have not able to sit for a week. So thats how not to do it. The cane is, however, a wonderful instrument. The sound that it makes and the marks that it leaves behind are simply orgasmic. Moderated use of the cane delivers just the right amount of pain/pleasure and left lovely (temporary) markings. House guest was so enamored with my endeavors, that she instructed me to insert my penis into her bottom. It would be rude for a gentlemen not to acquiesce to a lady’s requests. So, I fucked her hot, little bottom as hard as I could. 10/10

All in all, it was a wonderful week, and house guest will be missed. She started off naughty and cheeky; she ended up well-behaved, if sore, and missed.

When you read this house guest: Come back soon. My bed is empty without you.

Next week, I am off to Spain, filming music videos. All those Spanish hotties……

One thought on “Corrective Spanking: A week in review

  1. Well, well….It seems you mastered some skills this week. More to cum. See ya soon!
    Ask your buddies to include me in a scrum next time!

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