Corrective Spanking: A view from house guest

Houseguest says…

I love visiting Robert; he really is one of my dearest friends in the world. How many women can say their best, male friend is seriously fuckalicious and not gay! One lucky girl, I am. Robert can have any hottie he wants, but this week, he was all mine. Our tastes are so similar; it’s all so copacetic.

So what’s a girl to do, when she wants to ‘get her Fifty Shades on’, but her playmate is just too nice to ever really offer up some erotic punishment? Of course, Robert would restrain me, spank me and fuck me senseless, if I asked him to. But that’s very different from feeling the need to serve up some domination all on your own.

Being the dominant woman that I am, Robert probably thinks I would kick his ass all over Dublin, if he tried to go ‘Grey’ on me. And if I didn’t want to be dominated, that’s exactly what would happen. BUT…sometimes I feel the need to give up all the control and let someone more dominant than myself be in charge. Not one to sit back and hope life will simply happen the way I want; I decided to aggressively pursue my submission. A girl has to help herself.

Women are master manipulators, so it’s all just a question of ‘planting the seed’ in Robert’s mind, so to speak. Drink a few bottles of his favorite wine. Leave the house a mess. The next thing you know, houseguest is deserving of a little punishment for her naughty behaviour. Sorry, Robert baby, but it had to be done. I had to be BAD to get to the GOOD. Stop the sulking, Robert. We all know you loved punishing my naughtiness, and you know I loved it too. Talk about a week of rewards! Thank God that men are so easily led.

Now that Robert knows I like to spice it up, maybe I won’t have to be so bad to get the good! Sorry about the wine, baby. Laters….

P.S. I’m coming back for my birthday. How about a private party with your rugby friends?!

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