Corrective Spanking: Day Five

Day Five: A Cane

spanking, cane, bdsm

I was utterly conflicted this morning. Why? House guest is being so good, and yet has a constantly sore bottom. Last night, houseguest greeted me in a wonderful pair of high heels and nothing else. That got me rather hot and bothered, but thankfully, she had poured me a whiskey. The drink settled me down a little and gave me a moment to admire the high heels she was wearing. Very sexy and very lickable.  Houseguest really does know me inside and out and has me wrapped around her little finger. Which, by the way, I secretly love.

So, after a wonderful evening together, she had earned breakfast in bed again. Today, there was a light breakfast of scrambled eggs on toast and mimosas. It went down a treat; she had quite some appetite this morning. She had that wonderful musky smell on her from a night of fun. Such a great taste!

Anyway, Friday is cane day.  Swiiisshhh!. Whooosshhh! A cane does make a great sound, as you wave it about. It brought out a dirty grin from house guest. She asked what she had done to deserve this? My answer was that the cane was not a punishment, but a reward for last night. Why is the sight of a naked woman all spread-eagled and waiting just so damn hot?

Her cute little bottom was in position before a threat had even be made. It’s very hot. Small, round, pert, perfect for fucking, and always greedy for cum. I’m in love! Before the cane was put to use, I thought it best to give her a little massage with my tongue. The taste of a used bottom is quite beguiling. Anyway, it did not take long to raise her temperature and have her begging for her corrective admonishment.

Just as I was about to deliver the first ‘whack’, I caught site of her sexy, little feet. They looked so beautiful, that I had to give them a lick, kiss and a suck. Making her wait a little longer would serve to heighten her pleasure.

My foot fetish duly sated, I refocussed on her naughty bottom.  As a child, I never received the cane at school, so I had carried out a test whack on my thigh. Painful!! To help mitigate this pain, a wand vibrator was positioned on houseguest’s clitoris. Turned up to full power, I then delivered the first whack. A little red line was left behind. How sexy. She let out a little yelp, that while sexy, was off-putting. My Aussiebums were used as a gag to keep her quiet. Her muffled groans would be far more acceptable.

In total, I delivered around 15 strikes of varying degrees of firmness. Her poor bottom was covered in red lines. Each time the cane met her bottom, she would shake and groan. I could see her closing her eyes in pain and pleasure. With her clit getting thoroughly worked over by the wand, I was pretty certain that she could take what was due to her with aplomb!

No sooner had we started, than we were too quickly finished. Her streaky bottom told me we were done. As always, I began to congratulate her, only to have her to spit out my Aussiebums and be told to fuck her ass Right Now. Naturally, I began to remind her that I was the boss, but judging by her demeanor, my words were falling on deaf ears.

For a well-educated, classy girl, she can swear like a docker. But I take instructions well and so proceeded to fuck her like a ‘Soho hooker’. Londoners hey?!

20 minutes later, my job done, deposit left, I jumped into the shower and headed for the door. A busy afternoon of dealing with Spanish actors awaits.

Lessons of the day: The more pain house guest endures, the harder she wants to be fucked.

Tomorrow, I’ll review the week’s activities. Houseguest is a good egg; I’ll take her out dancing on Saturday night.

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