Corrective Spanking: Day Four

Day Four: a paddle

Yesterday was not a good spanking day. Laurence was simply too unforgiving, and my sexy house guest could not endure his bite. This has taught me that there is a deep satisfaction in giving long spankings, as opposed to short, sharp, painful ones.

Recognising this quite obvious fact, I made a trip to the adult boutique yesterday afternoon. We are now the proud owners of a latex spanking skirt and a paddle. As you can see from our picture, it does look magnificent on her and really does focus my mind on the job in hand.

Anyway, as a treat for house guest, we had a few cocktails in the city last night. A celebration of house guest’s ‘hotness’.  Dublin being such a small city, we bumped into John and Kathy, the captain of a local rugby team and his beautiful girlfriend.

Never one to miss out on the craic, we decided to join them for a few. House guest then proceeded to flirt with said captain. Poor John didn’t know what hit him. House guest has the kind of confidence that scares most men away. Seeing that his girlfriend was getting mighty pissed off, we made our excuses and headed home. Such naughtiness has earned guest a stern talking to and a red bottom!

Should I have struck while the iron was hot and disciplined her when we got home? Maybe, but unfortunately,  house guest knows my weakness for eating her pussy. She continued on with her flirting by her rubbing herself on the sofa, with her knickers between her ankles, and this was more than I could resist.

I might be distracted, but I have a long memory.

Breakfast this morning was delivered to houseguest in bed, along with her spanking skirt present. Excited, she darted off to the bathroom to ready herself.

My word, she looked good enough to eat, when she stepped out. That bottom!

Of course, I had to explain why she was getting spanked. There were no protestations. She knows, when she has done wrong. On all fours across the bed and wearing a pair of black ‘hooker’ heels, it was all that I could do to stop myself from ass fucking her, right there and then. But if I don’t show self control, how can I expect her to do so?

Having reminded myself of that, I let house guest see the paddle that I had hidden from her. This only served to heighten her lust. She begged me to be gentle, which was sweet of her. She knows full well, that gentle is not what she needs.

My first few slaps with the paddle were mild; I wanted to gauge what she could take, lest we have a repeat of yesterday’s debacle. The sound of leather on bare bottom is very sexy. Even little smacks filled the air with a hot sound.

Gradually, I worked her bottom into a bright red hue. Devine! Red really is her colour! I counted that she took 15 smacks on each bottom of increasing firmness! She made me proud.

Had she learned her lesson? She said she had, but truthfully, I think this lady will never learn her lesson.

My job done, I rewarded houseguest with a gentle asshole and clitoris massage. She had really earned it. Her wetness confirming that today had been a good session.

Lessons of the day: A gradual build up leads to longer, more satisfying spankings and ups the pain/pleasure threshold.

Tomorrow, I will use a cane!

27 thoughts on “Corrective Spanking: Day Four

                    1. Unfortunately I no longer stay in Scotland, I now live in England.

                      Mind you all policeman, fireman, men in the armed services are not safe if I spot them. If spotted by me, then I do require a bib to catch all my drool. 😉

                    2. Drool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kilts can be worn by any man of Celtic descent hehe. My own preference is for them to a “true Scotsman” though.

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