Corrective Spanking: Day Three

Day three: A wooden ruler, A.K.A Laurence

Well! What a pleasant evening I had last night. I arrived home to find my house guest wearing a sexy dress and some very sexy heels. She looked truly stunning. Such beauty deserves to be shown off. With that in mind, and after a quick shower, we headed into the city for dinner.

I can only assume that her moderated behavior is the fruit of my daily spankings. Naturally, this fills me with a deep sense of satisfaction. I’m left in a rather awkward position, however. I hadn’t expected her to suddenly be so well behaved, but I think it’s fair to say, that even good girls need a bottom, wooden ruler, spanking, bdsm

This morning, I brought her breakfast in bed and massaged her sexy little feet. My sense of guilt, of course.

My houseguest was still lazing post-breakfast, when I began explaining that although I appreciated her recent good behavior, she was still in debt for her previous naughtiness. We both agreed that she still needed discipline. When I say “we”, what I mean is me.

After some minor protestations and the use of some rope to prevent any escape, she was ready to be introduced to Laurence. There is something quite sexy about a wild woman, tied up naked, with her bottom all exposed.

I had explained in a previous post that I’m a novice spanker, so in the back of my mind, I’m always a little wary of inflicting the wrong type of pain. So, I was especially careful this morning. You see, Lawrence is indeed the cruelest of implements. My poor, sexy house guest. She screamed like a banshee and begged for mercy after only 2 firm whacks on each buttock. A third on each had her promising all sorts of delights. I stopped to consider her bribes, while stroking her cute bottom. It did occur to me that I really shouldn’t allow myself to be so easily distracted, but what is a man to do!?

Baring in mind how well she behaved last night, I decided that I would take pity on her. While untying the rope that bound her wrists to the bed post, I did wonder what ‘reason’ I would have for tomorrow’s admonishment. Hell, do I even need a reason?

That would be for tomorrow. For now, I would take her up on her promise in the shower. I’m so easily bribed.

Lessons of the day: Should I have been gentler with Laurence? Or should I have just used a ball gag on her? Ball gag, I think.

Tomorrow, I will use a traditional leather spanking paddle.

15 thoughts on “Corrective Spanking: Day Three

  1. You could try swapping out “Lawrence” for a ruler which has more off a bendy one it does give a similar bite, but it has bit less ridged, so you more likely to get more “strokes” for the both parties.

          1. That is what I suggest you call the bendy ruler hehe, kind of far away to bring over to you places like W H Smith would be a lot quicker for you, heck the pound/euro shop could be another place

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