Corrective Spanking: Day Two

Day Two: A slipper

After yesterday’s corrective spanking, I had expected to return to a tidy home and a sober houseguest. Instead, I arrive home to three drunken ladies and two fine bottles of 2005 Bordeaux polished off. My houseguest meets me with a wicked smile on her face. No doubt, she knows that she has earned my wrathSpanked bottom

This will never do! Still, I only have myself to blame. My gentlemanly hand gave out before her bottom yesterday, and failure to correctly admonish her has only emboldened her.

The ladies departed soon enough, leaving just the two of us. I reminded her of the house rules, and told her we will discuss this at breakfast when she is sober. With that, she is duly stripped off and led to the bedroom for re-education.

Breakfast this morning was a more sober affair. I congratulated her on her taste, as 2005 was an excellent vintage. But nonetheless, house rules are house rules, and they have been broken.

She knows the penalty for disobedience. The new slippers I bought yesterday were placed on the table. Left or right foot? I chose to go leftfield.

I found yesterday, that it was hard to get good ‘spanking leverage’ with my houseguest across my knees. So this morning, I told her to assume position bent over the table with her hands out in front of her to steady herself.

Her pale bottom looked utterly delightful, but I calmed myself and resisted the temptation to put deposits in it. The first crack across her bottom brought a howl from her. A little too hard perhaps? Further, more ‘gentle’, admonishment brought about deep groans of satisfaction. It only took 3 of the ‘best’ on each cheek to make them as crimson as the fine claret she consumed last night.

The sight of a red bottom is utterly engrossing; so much so, that I had not noticed my houseguest rubbing her clitoris with quite some vigour. I am a mere man, and so it was too much for me to resist. As she continued rubbing her clitoris, I bent down behind her and tongued her ass hole as deep as I could. The heat of her red butt cheeks against me only served to encourage me. Disappointingly, she came within a few minutes and collapsed across the breakfast things.

On that note, I informed her that I would not tolerate her insolence. Somehow, I think she will never learn. I shudder to think what I will find tonight on my return from the office!!

Lessons from today? A slipper is not erotic enough and left me unsatisfied. On the positive side, her ass took on a wonderful bright red hue.

Tomorrow,I will use a traditional wooden school ruler. Maybe that will be more satisfying?

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