Corrective Spanking: Day One

Day one: A bare hand

Breakfast was a polite affair; I feel that, if one is going to administer a spanking, it should come as a pleasant surprise. After morning pleasantries were exchanged, I had to lay out my house rules and make clear that her behaviour was quite unacceptable. Although she is a guest and very dear to me, she requires ‘corrective ministration’.

I informed her, that she would receive this ‘ministration’ daily. By the end of the week, the matter would be closed.

Her reaction was as expected; she was playfully indignant.

I must confess that I am a novice spanker, so all of this will be a learning experience for me.

Having given it some consideration, I thought it best to administer correction while she was naked and I was dressed. A little lap dance was dutifully performed at the breakfast table to remove her bra, but her little red thong looked very sexy, so it stayed on.

Over my knees at the breakfast table, pert bottom looking up at me. A cheeky grope, followed by the classic line, “This is going to hurt me more, than it’s going to hurt you”.

I had read that one should always start gentle and work up to firmer ‘administration’. With that in mind, the first few smacks were well received. She enjoyed them, and my erection made it clear, that I enjoyed giving them. But I had to remind myself that this was a ‘corrective’ exercise, so a heavier hand was needed.

In no time, both buttocks were thoroughly red, my hand quite sore and the erection rather painful.

My houseguest’s initial enjoyment had turned into a sulk. I think I took her by surprise with the veracity of my spanking.

The sight of her rapidly reddening bottom was very pleasing, and I could not help but pull her thong aside and slip a finger in her bottom between spanks.

To be honest, I was impressed by her ability to bite her tongue and take what was due to her. So much so, that I rewarded her with the ‘breakfast of champions’.

Correction administered, breakfast was resumed, and polite conversation made. I don’t expect to return to a messy apartment tonight, and I don’t expect any opened bottles of wine to litter the place.

Lessons from today? My hand was sore before her bottom, and her bottom was very robust!

Tomorrow, I will use a slipper. Looks like a trip to the shoe shop will be required.

33 thoughts on “Corrective Spanking: Day One

        1. I think you ate quite right! She loved it, even her sulking could not hide that.

          I would never want to show her I hurt my hand more than her bottom! A week of props will deal with that anyway, and fully instil some discipline into her!!!

          1. Hehe, some naughty ladies find it quite funny when our bums out last the spanker’s hand(s), but suspect that would meant further punishment from you. 😉

  1. I cant wait to see how your house guest responds to her corrective spankings. You might just get your own ass spanked. Better be careful!

  2. A light spanking and breakfast… You sure know how to spoil your house guest! Need any help picking out that slipper… I’m your girl. I love a trip to the shoe shop!

          1. I miss your shoe porn on twitter. First thing I checked every morning!!! Went by the name Ruby Red Heels… How did know it was me?

              1. You’ve made my night… I look forward to you getting out of twitter jail soon!!! Still didn’t answer my question… Does my real name come up or did you guess?

                  1. Thanks for telling me that. Totally tech challenged at times… Era of pen and paper!!! Have been on your pinterest page, but it will be good to see you back on twitter!! Off now to read Svetlana in Heels… I’m so looking forward to this!

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