A Spanking Well Deserved!!

This bottom needs spanking!!!!

I don’t usually have house ‘guests’ that stay so long, but for the next two weeks, I have a special ‘friend’ visiting from the States.

I’m pretty easy going, so naturally she has the run of the place, but come on!! I’ve returned from the Lough Key Triathlon to find the kitchen a mess and an empty bottle of wine, that I had been saving for a special occasion.

Well, if anyone deserves a firm spanking, its my ‘house guest’! In fact, on consideration, she has earned herself a week of spanking.

This gives me the opportunity to test out some traditional spanking utensils, compare and score them for their corrective qualities!

I’ve decided on the following:

Monday: A bare hand. 

Tuesday: A slipper.

Wednesday: A traditional wooden ruler.

Thursday: A paddle.

Friday: A cane.

On Saturday, I will share my recommendation on which method is best for correcting naughty house guests.

Come back tomorrow to find out how her first spanking went. 

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