Wistful Wednesday: Wilfully Blind

Sad, Love, Apart


You are nothing to me


No shape, no form

You are all things


How have you done this?

Beautiful, sexy,

Something more, a drug

My first thought when I wake

My last kiss before I sleep


When you are away I ache

When we are together I ‘am’

You destroyed me

You built me anew


Future dreams are filled with fear

Is this really happening?

Am I fool?

Will I ruin all that you have made?


No confidence, only fear

Look away, be happy, ignore

Love has done this

Willfully blind

This is what we are

Lets not wake up

13 thoughts on “Wistful Wednesday: Wilfully Blind

      1. In my simple, humbled and most times unasked for opinion, it should never be what, but who.
        Love is a topic that I love to ponder on and I dont think anyone can really hold any of the answers to the questions it asks. That being said I feel like in my life i have come full circle and am onto the next link in the chain. I went from never wanting to be married or having kids to celebrating my 10th wedding anniversary and being a proud mum in the blink of an eye.

        A persons heart and soul is the only thing one can truly fall in love with and added extras are fun to enjoy, but nither add or take from a love that has been found and returned in equal measure.

        Love dear Robert consumes us, we do not find it or search it out, it grows under the care and respect it is given


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