50 Shades, BDSM & Murder

Murder, marriage and 50 Shades!! Where will it end?

Passion with a Dark and Dangerous Twist

SHAME ON YOU DATELINE. Yep, I said it. Did anyone catch what I consider to be the blasphemous show on last night regarding a murder investigation in anytown USA? Okay. Murder, mayhem and sex are nothing new and boy do they sell books and television shows, right? It’s funny because Fifty Shades of Graycertainly got their plug at the beginning of the show like well, BDSM has gone mainstream and therefore anything that might have a flavor of it probably has something to do with the why’s. Yeah, give me a break. But they need ratings and what’s hot is this upcoming movie probably more than anything. Sure, I’m glad for the author and hope that her books shows and depicts certain aspects of passion and BDSM in a positive light, but I’m beginning to wonder given last night’s show.

   Fifty Shades of Gray has also sparked a…

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