Fantasy Friday: Guest Blog by Muse: Images of Ibiza

Confident, sexy, danger, erotic, couple

I love creating sexual fantasies in my mind, and the heat and hot bodies of Ibiza have me ready for something only imagination can provide. God knows my fantasies are usually of the depraved and or dangerous variety, so they are best lived-out in solely in my mind.

Lying on the beach mostly naked with Robert, I am thinking very naughty thoughts; ones that Robert would be more than happy to turn into reality. He is so generous with me and loves sharing his good fortune with others as well.

I imagine us both aroused from a day of viewing the sites on the beach; we make our way back to the room, ready to indulge ourselves in an afternoon in bed. Unexpectedly, we find ourselves in a slow elevator with one of Ibiza’s hotties, and a Spanish-man at that.

Robert gets really turned on by my exhibitionist streak, and so he fuels the flames of both our fires by kicking my feet apart and rubbing his hard, pierced cock against my ass, while Mr. Spain looks on quite interested. As he begins to caress my breasts and play with my nipples through my swim suit, Mr. Spain understands quickly that the show meant for him could easily include him as well. One hand moves down to my aching pussy and rubs my clit, drawing dark Spanish eyes along with it. Glancing over my shoulder at Robert, I can tell by the look in his eyes and slight smirk on his face that he knows exactly what I want and is ready to give it to me.

“Do you like what you see?” I ask Mr. Spain, knowing full well that only an idiot would refuse what I’m offering.

“Si, very much so”, says my prey. I’ve reeled him in, and now he’s mine. Seriously, is there anything easier to manipulate than a horny man? Robert used to be one of those, but his taste was so utterly enticing that I decided to make him mine forever. Eternity can be a lonely thing to endure alone.

For now, I revel in my power over this man and give not a single thought to the family he likely leaves behind. As the elevator door opens, I smile to myself; this may be the best meal I’ve had in a while……

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