BDSM, Rope, Black & White, Sexy, Domination, Stockings, SuspendersSound yes, talk no

She is beautiful, but I don’t want to see her face

On her knees, wrists bound

Tight binds, my indelible mark

Her scent is deep, sexual, addictive

Close my eyes, inhale, isolate

Her black magic rose, tightly closed

Budding, bloom for me

Her folds wet, expectant, ignored

Pause, admire, fall in love

Stroke, caress, smile

Round, sensual, bite

Lean back, lust, delight

A kiss, a trail of butterfly, a leer

A flick of my tongue, Braille

Taste you, strong, fragrant, musky

Inside you are dark and hot

Soft, alluring, beguiling velvet

A growl of hunger, made you mine 

Don’t move, push back, scratches along your back

Grunting, swaying, taunting, made a slave of me

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