The following is a guest post by Mira, which in turn was inspired by Serpentus’ “Stereotypes about Russian Women”.

Disclaimer: No, I don’t hate Americans, and no, I don’t think they are “really” like this. But before you get angry, think of stereotypes you might have about people of a different culture, race, religion, gender, etc. and realize how easy is to stereotype people when you don’t really bother to care about them as human beings.

Note: “Americans” in this context means “citizens of the USA”.

1. Americans are materialistic

All Americans can think about is money, and getting more money so they can buy, buy, buy! They judge everything by its economic value. Being rich and owning expensive things is the number one imperative for Americans. Being poor is seen as a moral failure. This is the most popular stereotype about Americans.

2. Americans are uneducated and…

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