Sinful Sunday: The Power of Feet


Heels, hooker heels, foot, footie
Beautiful hooker heels

I see you walking around

So elegant, so seductive, oh so nonchalant

Your Confidence and beauty radiate

They are high, sexy, desired

Your don’t seem care, but you know

I spend my day thinking of them

Of when we can be together, alone

When I can kneel in front of you, and kiss them

How the leather will taste?

Can I maintain any control?

My head is filled with the visions, of my hearts desires

The things I want to do, the things I want you to do

How I long to look up at you

I dream of them being naked

Let me love them, let me love you, let me be happy


Feet, footsie, foot job, toes, foot fetish,

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