Fantasy Friday: Rope Work

Rope around next...

I’ve always been good with intricate knots. A skill I perfected getting my Scout’s badge. My fingers would get raw with the hours of practice. But, like a good boy scout, I never gave up and did perfect any number of knots.

Figure of eight, clover hitch, highwayman’s hitch and so on. I never thought they would ever come into use, but here I am on a Saturday night tying knot after knot. It’s amazing how it all comes back to you, when you really need it.

A timber hitch on the spreader bar between her ankles and a bowline on her wrists. I impress myself by how neat they all look. You can never find a ball gag when you want one, but a figure of eight works perfectly. Oh dear, there is red lipstick all over the rope; hope it washes out. Her eyes look expectant, hungry, wanton. She wants to speak, but she knows that it’s not permitted.

Hmmm, too much wriggling. Stillness is important to me.  A series of clover hitches around her torso pulls her tight to the bed. She can’t move an inch and lies on her back gazing expectantly at me. Perfect.  That pillow under her buttocks has left her raised and exposed; it looks like it’s getting damp. A buzzing noise is filling the air. Will I turn the wand massager down? It’s resting under the pillow, sending subtle vibrations through it and into her swollen clit. I’ll turn it up a little more.

The muscles on her lovely body tense up and her eyes close. A groan escapes past the rope gagging her mouth. I count that as her third orgasm. The body of my love is covered with a shine, from the sweat of lust. The ropes on her chest are tight, but still her breasts heave after her orgasm.  Damn it, I realize I should have tied a Shinjuku breast harness, when I had the chance.  Too late now, but those pert breasts still need taming. A clamp on each nipple; a little adjustment? Better? Of course, tighter is better. Silly me.

That pillow looks soaked. She deserves a reward. Her hairy pussy has awoken. A squirt of gel and her pussy is lathered up with cream and ready to be shaved. Fresh razor.  Don’t tense up, my love. I won’t knick you.  Delicate, gentle, careful. It’s all gone. Didn’t hurt a bit. Wiped clean. Beautiful.  Where is that little crop? There it is. Three firm smacks with it. There we are. Clit all nice and red. Red really is your color.

A clit vibrator strapped to her. What’s wrong my love? A look of terror. Don’t worry; it’s not too much. It’s never enough. We both know that.  Flicked on to the first setting. Eyes close and terror melts away. Such a good girl.

I haven’t forgotten. I was getting to that next, lovely. Cold lube makes her shiver. Smeared up her ass. The plug is big. I know, my love, that you can take it. I believe in you. Try to relax and let the tension go. Aahh, that initial resistance gives way and in it pops, full at last. Click, the vibrator inside the plug is whirring away.

Are you ready? You were born ready! Click, click, and click. Wand to maximum, clit vibrator to maximum, butt plug to maximum. I’m so proud of you. I never lost faith.

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