Who me? A ‘himbo’!

Naked man wit


According to the web, a Bimbo is a good-looking girl, who rather unfortunately is stupid, wears too much make up and is besotted with guys and fashion. Bimbos congregate in groups, look the same and giggle like retards.

I don’t know about you, but that sums up a lot of my friends as well. Most of my friends being men.

Consider this: I’m at a party, hanging with my buddies. We’re all talking total crap about things we know nothing about. A fog of aftershave hangs in the air, as girls are eyed up like prize cattle at the Mullingar County Fair. We all have the same look (Hugo Boss, Ralph Lauren, collars up), and we all laugh at each other’s jokes.

OMG people!! I am a himbo, and so are all my friends!! What’s more, I’m actually quite proud to be one. Why am I so proud? Who doesn’t want to be called good looking?

It’s complicated by every person’s right to have selective hearing.

“You’re so hot, but stupid!!”

“Hot you say? That’s great!! Thanks!!”

No girl I know likes to be called a bimbo. Understandably, it’s a put down. As everyone knows, the rule for women is: If you are good looking, you must be stupid, and if you are clever, you must be ugly. Or even worse, just plain!

However, as a man, where different rules apply, I quite liked the idea of being branded a himbo. That was until a girl friend summed it up as being ‘nice, but dim’. Honestly, I’d had been thinking along the lines of extremely fuckable and uncomplicated! That’s a good thing, right?

Suddenly gone  from being a happy himbo,  I’ve  become a little more circumspect.

Even if my friend is right, what’s wrong with being ‘nice, but dim’? Do we all need to have the brains of Einstein with the face and body of Brad Pitt? Isn’t one out of two ok? Furthermore, isn’t it easier to go for the face/body polishing combination, rather than the eight hours a day in the study hall routine? No one spends eight hours a day making themselves look hot and dress well, do they?

My last defense of himbos and bimbos is, aren’t they just so lovable? Like new born puppies? My best friend is a bimbo, and I love her to bits. There is nothing I wouldn’t do for her.

What would you prefer: looks or brains?

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