Sinful Sunday: Sexy Birthday Treats


There are many ways to celebrate your birthday: drinks in the city, cake and pots of tea with family.

Personally, I like to celebrate like the Romans with a hedonistic orgy. Though I’m not sure that a foursome qualifies as an orgy? Who cares when you are having fun?

My beloved Houseguest really knows how to pick them. She found us a lovely couple from Europe. Mr. H a hot man from Germany, with a cock like a child’s arm. Mrs. M was a hot Polish lady, full of life and able to squirt across the room!

Such are the things that great birthdays are made up of. Getting your face covered in a hot Polish squirt, and getting your ass filled by an enormous German cock. Well, it was my birthday!

I would like to say that this was a rare birthday treat, but foursomes are rather frequent for Houseguest and me. What made this so special was that I was the center of attention and not the ladies!

It was a bit unnerving at first, but after about 5 seconds, I thought fuck yes! Who does not love being the centre of the party? Certainly, I love it.

As much fun as it was, I could not help but see my beloved turning into the green-eyed monster. She was watching me get nine inches of hard German dick in my ass and wanted some for herself.

Of course, I could not deny my beloved her just rewards for organizing my birthday treats.

The demented look on her face as she comes from getting ass fucked is the best present I could have.

It’s good to get treats, but it’s even better to share them!

What is the best birthday treat you have given or received?

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